Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Caribbean Combination

When it comes to making kits, my slight tendencies towards OCD really comes in handy. I really have to be methodical about it 1) to keep my brain entertained when spending 15+ hours making the same thing over and over and 2) to make sure each and every kit really *is* one of a kind. I have really come to enjoy and look forward to creating the limited edition color combinations just for special teaching events. (You might remember the 2010 ArtBliss set and the 2011 set.)

The cleaning, sorting, organizing, stringing, and then playing goes a little something like this...

ooak cruise bang gals 1
ooak cruise bang gals 2
ooak cruise bang gals 3
sort 1
sort 1a
sort 1b
sort 1c
sort 1d
sort 2
sort 3a
sort 3b
sort 3e
sort 4
sort 4b
sort 4c
sort 4d
sort 4e
detail 1
detail 2

Kit Hours Clocked
15 hours torching (plus an additional 15 hours of kiln time)
1 hour photographing tutorial
3 hours creating tutorial pdf
1 hour cleaning beads
2 hours sorting & photographing
1 hour editing images & blogging

23 hours total so far (38 hours counting kiln time)

Still To Do
Choose & cut to length wire, package kits, list them on my website, ship them to the cruise local, and teach the class.

Thankfully, this is the biggest kit I need to make (it has 9 beads per kit). The nine other kits I'd like to create shouldn't take nearly as long... I hope. I couldn't be happier with the way these colors came together. I picked Light Steel Gray (because I think steel drums when I think Caribbean), Turquoise (for the blue of the water), Sunburst Coral (for the sun fun, obviously), Periwinkle (because I thought it brought it all together), and Ivory (because white would have looked terrible). Students taking my Bang A Rangs class will each have one of these kits and the others will be available at the Bead Bazaar in the evenings. Naturally, if there are any left, I'll let y'all have at 'em in my shop.

Then... the fun part of this kind of photo shoot...



mairedodd said...

only you can do it like this -
the beads are beautiful every step of the way...
the photography is beautiful...
every thing is fun and colorful...
you are amazing!

Cindy said...


koko said...

Oh how I would love to run my fingers through the beads! Thank you for sharing, and I wish I was cruising!

Jo said...

Oh wow! All that glorious colour!

Carol D. said...

You must be an absolute machine to turn out that many beads in that amount of time. I am impressed. Guess I am way slow!
Love the colors and variety of shapes.

crymson said...

you are a color genius!

Katie said...

That's awesome! Makes me wish I could go on the Bead Cruise and get one...

Sally Anderson said...

Oh, I love these beads and all the colors and how they go together so amazingly well. I sure wish I were going on that cruise!

Saturday Sequins said...

What beautiful beads!!! The color combination is perfect.

I definitely have some OCD tendencies that serve me well in beading. Making up kits is my idea of a super fun time. :)

KelleyWenzel said...

my stomach churned a little thinking about cleaning all of these beads. and then my jaw dropped. only an hour? I need your secret, please.

love the flower beads with the air bubble you added in their centers. those are fun. :)

Jane Perala said...

Oh, I love it.
What a great feeling of satisfaction you must have seeing all those little strings of beads.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous, Kerry! I love the encased beads and the little flowers..and ofc ourse the color combination is just perfect for a cruise! There is no way this only took that many hours.... it had to have taken more! Seriously! That is some serious lampworking, photo-taking, photo-editing and everything else. I'm impressed!

Kerry said...

@ Kelley Wenzel - I have a diamond tip bit for my dremel from Ring N Things. It works so awesome!!! I stole my hubby's dremel years ago. It is a high power one. I soak the beads in water, reem them with the dremel, then wash them with soap and water. Works like a charm.

@ everyone else! THANK YOU!!!!

Kristen said...

AMAZING!!! I am totally in love with your color choices and have now considered mortgaging my house to go on the cruise. OMG!!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Those are some fun shots of your beads. No one takes more gorgeous photos than you! And those beads! Squee! I love the colors that you chose. Perfectly beachy-keen in every way. I am so bummed that I won't be on this cruise. Will you bury your toes in the warm sand for me? Have a great time, Miss Kerry! Enjoy the day!

Debra said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I AM on the Bead Cruise and I can't wait. I see which set of beads are already calling my name. Really look ing forward to this class and the photography class, Kerry, although I still have just a little Canon point and shoot right now. My packing has already begun, starting with the sunscreen.
Deb from Michigan

Kerry said...

thanks again everyone!

@Deb! Yoo HOO!!! I can't wait to meet you!! We are going to have a blast.

ShadeTree Studio ( ) said...

This post is causing massive bead lust for me, stop it!