Monday, February 20, 2012


unrelenting 1
weekend 1

:: February Break is upon us... no school for the kids until the 27th... weren't they just off for Christmas? Wasn't that just the other day?
:: wonderful Buckeye Muffin recipe from JCasa Handmade... the absolute best way to guarantee Lauren will eat some breakfast.
:: I finally broke down and tried Greek yogurt... I'm head over heels for it... why in the world did I wait so long to enjoy it?
:: I've been contemplating cutting my hair... we'll see.
:: so very sad that Downton Abbey Season 2 ended last night... I'll be lost on Sunday nights without it.
:: I started a new sweater on my birthday... this one: Jaina... with the yarn Woobu, in the color Deep Unrelenting Grey, by Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
:: this morning I switched from French Vanilla creamer in my coffee to Hazelnut... gotta mix things up sometimes... I'm enjoying the switch.

weekend 4
weekend 5

:: I spent 5 hours packaging kits for the Bead Cruise on Friday... so much wire cutting and sticker stickering... so much more still to do.
:: am I really setting sail in just 12 days?
:: somehow, someway, Andrew needs to get to his dentist appointment today at noon... it is going to be a challenge.
:: new studio daydreams continue at full pace... I have a new/old yellow chair from an estate sale this weekend.
:: Saturday my sister and I went shopping... like at the mall and stuff... and it so totally SUCKED.
:: why is it that when I want to shop, and spend, there is nothing worth getting?
:: LUSH is lovely though and I have some BB Seaweed mask in my fridge.
:: there was a very intriguing/interesting/challenging/scary/exhilarating opportunity in my email on Friday... we'll have to wait and see what comes of it.
:: I've had to referee 3 sibling fights already this morning... deep breath

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weekend 7


Lorelei Eurto said...

i had the same experience at the mall yesterday. wanted to shop but there was NOTHING worth buying. maybe we are just "over it"... I'd rather buy handmade anything, these days.

TesoriTrovati said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures today Miss Kerry. From the cat to the coffee cup I am just smitten with your images. I love the way you stop and see the world for what it really is. By the way, those muffins sound delish, will have to see about that recipe as my Tiny Dancer almost never eats breakfast. Have a wonderful time on the high seas! I am will be there in spirit...
Enjoy the day!

mairedodd said...

so the kids are home! (no bus, yay!) so the kids are home! (the fighting, groan)
sorry about the squabbles...
looking forward to hearing more about the opportunity...
go for the hair cut - it grows back! have fun...
will look into those muffins...
my kids are off for today only... and then i have my fingers crossed that they will all be in school tomorrow... (though i have now caught their cooties - yuck)...
i am lucky enough to have my work in a fantastic shop where when i walk in my jaw drops every time and i wish i had money to spend... yeah, malls are not really fun...
have fun with the sweater -
and get your hair cut - you have an awesome stylist - just let her go with it...

Blue Kiln Beads said...

Just wanted to say greek yogurt with banana and honey is delish!

Copper Diem said...

That creamer mix sounds good. I've been loving golden french toast coffee + coldstone sweet cream creamer.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry....just stocked up on Greek yogurt today, everyone here eats it like its dessert!
I love your long might cut it?? ! :-0 You must be ready for a change. I need a hair cut too. Haven't had it cut since last year.
I finally started Downton Abbey and of course I love it. I feel extremely guilty watching tv (no time for it) so I must find multiple things to do while watching it. At least my laundry is finally getting folded!
I love the Natural Bliss creamers, btw! No partially hydrogenated fats!

Shaiha said...

Oh I am so addicted to Greek Yogurt. I had to laugh though as I had just done up a post for my weekly Guilty Pleasures paying homage to it.