Monday, February 06, 2012

Remember to...

remember to love 1


remember to laugh 1


remember to dream 1


remember to create 1


remember to cover 1

A couple of years ago, when teaching my first Bang A Rangs class, I designed a little bangle that had the word "CREATE" on the center focal bead. I decided that it is time to make this sweet thing an official Kab's Kit! (complete with full color instructions) I decided to expand the vocabulary to include some other sentiments too. Which led to the bangle name "Remember To...". I love it. And I'm gonna be sending Amy over at Zoozii's an email about making "ASPIRE" as a word tile for me.

What do you want to remember to do in your days?

remember to 4
remember to 5


Courtney said...

Those are the most fabulous beads!

Nonie Fajao said...

So great! I love these so much. I can't get over the perfect teeny hearts on some of them. Luuuuv them!

Sally Anderson said...

Just fabulous new beads, Kerry! With the usual awesome colors and those great sentiments, you've got win-win all over the place here. Love them.

Anonymous said...

Love the "remember to" phrase--it's perfect for your beads! awesome! hope it does well for you!
Kim (Texas)

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh dear. You know I love words! I will have to get me some of these!

I need to remember to... breathe. I feel like I have been holding my breath in, waiting to exhale. I also don't need a reminder to do this, but inspire... every day in every way I am seeking to inspire myself and others. And finally, I do need to heed my own advice to enjoy the day. There hasn't been too much enjoyment of late. But I need to know that there is something good to be found. This post just woke me up, Miss Kerry. Thank you so much for sharing your beauty and light with the world!
Enjoy the day!

Tami said...

Love these. When will the kits be in the shop? I don't want to miss them!