Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Time To Rest

This beauty is the reason behind the trivia question yesterday. It is my latest "ART" purchase, my second Mark Groaning window painting. And yep, it was one of his windows that I called "my first" purchase last year. This piece is called "Tiny White Roses". And I just love it. It was just like last year. I stopped by Mark's booth on Saturday spotted the piece I knew was just for me then Sunday afternoon there it still was calling my name.

The photo above is of my special purchase all wrapped up waiting in my booth to be safely packed in the truck and taken home. Aren't those yellows and purples just gorgeous!?! I think it is pretty obvious why this one called my name. It is very similar in theme to my "Leaning Bouquet". Once I had this in my booth and really dissected it, I realized something.... this sash is the top sash to my bottom sash. They are from the same frame!! At least I am pretty sure they are. They are almost the same size length wise, and exactly the same width wise. My first also has the catch for the hook that is on my new one and those window lock catch and hook line up perfectly!! So... in my not so professional opinion, they go together, and that makes me extra happy.

I don't think there is a studio around with a better view!

Okay... on to beady related things... I know you all have to be wondering if I am ever going to get around to offering Bead Box Beads again... it has been way too long, I know. Well, yes, I am getting to it. I have lots of notes of new color combos I want to experiment with and I cool designs dancing in my head. I am dieing to get back on the torch and start bringing these visions to life.

Alas... it is going to have to wait... I get no time to rest or recoup... we have friends coming into town tomorrow from England. Back in 1994, I was an exchange student in England and I stayed for 3 weeks with the Watkins family. Their daughter, Lucy, and I are just a year apart in age and it was a teacher exchange thing. Lucy had stayed with our family in 1993 for a month too. Lucy and I have stayed in touch through the years, she was even in my wedding!! And in 2001, I went over seas for her wedding. Lucy's parents are here in the States on holiday (look at me and my British slang, lol) and are passing through Rochester just to see me!! So the next few days will be spent with them. Then it will be beads beads beads... I promise!!

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