Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Nonsense in 2008


Welcome to 2008! I hope you all had a blast last night and got to smooch someone special. I got to smooch 4 someones, lol. This year we had a quiet night at home full of Crazy 8s, homemade personal pizzas and a giant sleep out in the living room. Every one tried to stay up, few succeeded. Ron made it until around 10pm, Andrew until 11:40, Lauren until 11:50 and it was just me and Jacob up for the count down. I gave each of my crew a kiss before shuffling off to bed by 12:10, lol.

Oh, how different it is from back in the day. I remember staying out until 3-4am and sleeping till noon. I doubt I could do it these days!

As I layed in bed... waiting to drift off to dream land... I was finally a little reflective. Last year was full of some many things, but then again, it feels like it was a split second of time. In that pre-dream state, the name for this new necklace design popped into my head too. Not only does it fit the necklace... I think it fits the approach I hope to take into the new year.

This is "The Nonsense Necklace"!

I freaking love it. It has so many endless possibilities for expressing your own personal style. So far I have come up with five basic ways to wear it. But that is just the start. Subtle changes here and there, and there are even more ways to wear it.

It starts with a 40in chain!! Dats right... FORTY INCHES!!

The beads slide all over the place. You can let it hang long (photo 1)... you can double it up with the beads hanging low (photo 2)... you can slide a few of the beads around, turning it into a double 'v' (photo 3)... part the beads and use them as dangles for a traditional lariat (photo 4)... or let all the beads hang together and use the free end like a lasso for even another style of lariat (photo 5)!

This is the prototype of the new design. I still have to work out what color combos to make and I need to make the smaller accent discs on a slightly larger mandrel so they can spin all the way around the chain. Right now they can't get past the small link I use to connect the chain ends.

So how is this like the attitude I want to take into 2008?

Well, it is kinda hard to describe. I am not one for resolutions... I have told y'all that before. If I want to change something about myself, I just try and do it... I don't wait for a certain date on the calendar. But I want to have more nonsense in my life. More "just for fun". Less stress.

Here is hopeing we all can have more nonsense and fun!



Alibaubles said...

I love it......there's so much you can do with it....

What a great way to start the New Year, with an awesome design....

ellen said...

Very coolio idea, Kerry. People will love all the possibilities.