Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wrenched Plans

You gotta be able to go with the flow when you have kids... we all know that, don't we!! Things come up (like their lunch onto their freshly washed bedding), and you just have to adjust. I was saying the other day that this week was a busy one. I have something planned everyday this week. Today was supposed to be lunch with my friend Susan while Lauren was at school. Unfortunately, Lauren is very under the weather with a high fever. So... wrench thrown... plans cancelled... new plans made.

I decided that I probably wouldn't be able to make anymore Bead Box Beads between now and tomorrow, when I had planned to do the update. So I figured, while Lauren is curled up resting, I might as well post the beads!! Aren't they cool!! I could so keep going with these colors. But, alas, I am out of red copper green. I used up all 6 rods that I had on these beads and the experimental ones laying on my desk. My favorites are the new Solar Flare style ones, HERE and HERE. I just love those stylized snowflakey shapes. I mentioned in the description that these were inspired by a recent fabric purchase. Here is a quick swatch of it:

Pretty cool stuff huh? I am not thrilled with the colors in the fabric (yet another reason I should be designing my own fabric line, I could soooo pick better colors then other people) but I really love the design. I am probably going to make a skirt for Lauren out of this, or hey, maybe even one for me :)

You know, I haven't really talked much about the new website and some of the cool stuff it can do. One of my favorite new features is a tab called "Who's Online". I can "see" at any given time, who is on my website, where they are, what pages they are looking at, what items are in their carts, and how long it has been since they last clicked something. Pretty neat huh? If you have "registered" on my site then I have your name to go with all that info, if not, I just have a phantom IP address. I can click the address and it will tell me where in the world you are located, but that is it. It is amazing what technology can do!!

It is time for me to go curl up next to Lauren. Mommas need naps too when they sleep on the couch with sick kids to make sure they take the medicine they need in the middle of the night so their fevers don't send them into the hospital. The plan for tomorrow is to take a big batch of jewelry goodies up to the Memorial Art Gallery Store!! I am going to take pictures of the collection that will be there... stay tuned for that!!


Lori said...

I can't understand why there are any bead box beads left available this afternoon. These are fantastic. I'd have bought more if the budget would let me.
I hope Lauren is feeling better tonight

Kerry said...

I can't understand it either Lori!! Hmmm... It doesn't worry me too bad. I could make some ROCKIN' jewelry outta these!!

Lori G said...

Maybe people are fighting off the idea that winter is coming!