Monday, February 25, 2008

Mission: Near Impossible

Grrrrr... why me? Why do I have to be such a perfectionist? Why won't my camera take the pictures I have in my head? Dang it!! LOL!!

Pay no mind to me. I am being a brat. I need to submit slides with an application to a jury show by Friday. I feel like I am forever in pursuit of the perfect (and elusive) set of slides. This show judges on a scale of 1-10... and I really really want to get a 10 out of 10!! I am sure that is impossible, lol... so I will settle for getting higher then I did last year.

So, my mission for today... get a slide worthy shot of this necklace. Seems like a simple enough task. Yet, so far I have taken 67 photos and I am not happy with a single one. It is just impossible!! I am going for a "cohesive" body of work. I need 4 slides. I have the first 3 narrowed down and I am very very happy with those. Sorry, I can't show you them, lol... at least not yet. One of the photos is a top secret design that I am not ready to share.

Anyway, this necklace.... I spent most of the weekend working on it. It is another rendition of my "Pretending" necklace from back in September. The first was made for The Gallery Store, and it was a huge hit, selling right away. I seem to remember it was a pain to photograph too. This design is about 30inches long and that is what makes is such a problem.

You know what... I think I need to quit my complaining and have a GIVEAWAY!!! LOL! These photos today might not be slide worthy, in my mind, but they are pretty crisp and clear. (click on them to enlarge) You can definitely see all the beads, right? Here is the contest... can you guess how many beads are in this necklace? Post a comment or send me an email with your guess. I will take guesses until FRIDAY. Who ever comes closest to the correct number of beads in the design will win a BOTTLE CAP PENDANT. (If there is more then one person to guess the right number then I will put all the right guess names in a hat and draw a winner.)

Sound like fun? Are you game?


Crafted Gems said...

i love that necklace and i guess 39 beads

i hope you get your photos sorted

Amy Sims said...

Kerry, your stuff is gorgeous! I think your photos are great--don't stress yourself out so much!
I think there are 40 beads in your necklace.....

Good luck with the jury!

Anonymous said...

I am game 39 beads - Marcia

Jodie said...

I'll guess 41 beads!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and my guess is 37......great pictures too!

Leslie G.

Lori said...

Hi Kerry,
I think it is 41 beads
I've gotten two different totals so I guess that one. Love the necklace, fantastic job!

Kerry said...

Great guesses! Keep them coming!!

And don't even think about trying to get hints outta me... it won't work.

Can you gals make sure I have a name and last name initial incase there are repeat names? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Cool necklace, I see 37 beads.

Tammy M

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing 33 - it's my age too! ;-)

Hilary D

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say the pictures are gorgeous - was so anxious to write down my guess before I forgot! ;-)#

Hilary D.

Anonymous said...

I guess 35---but it so hard to tell!!! Love it! And I can't wait to see what the secret long will we have to wait for that?? Kim

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kerry,
My guess is 41 beads.
Neat design.
Kathy H.

Kerry said...

have I told you lately how much I love comments?

I do I do I do love love love comments!

Jeannette said...

I think that necklace is simply stunning, Kerry.

My guess is 37 as well.

Anonymous said...

My guess is 40. Great necklace!

Jennifer D.

Anonymous said...

from one perfectionist to the other (ha!) great necklace, great photos - my guess is 38 beads
Sandi M

Merideth Ryan said...

Hey there Kerry,

I am guessing 40 beads. The pics look good -

have you thought about texture or height to try to give something different to the photo...maybe put them on rocks, sand, etc and/or a stand, leaves, trees stump, etc to give a different view to the photos? Just a thought - not sure if you can do that with judging or not.

Michele H said...

I say 36! Love the colors and the design.

Michele H.

Sondra (coyotesfamily) said...

i am guessing 32 beads :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, how many times can we guess because now I see 39. I get a different count everytimebut now it's 39. I am not getting any work done now.


Taralee W said...

My guess is 42!

Taralee W (aka StOrM)

Anonymous said...

Great necklace. I counted 42 beads.

Deborah (rhbeads)

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry

You're keeping us guessing with this one! One minute I count one number, then I have to recount. I am guessing 37, but something tells me there are probably more!

~ Cindy

Robyn said...

My guess isn't very popular, but I'm pretty sure it's 42!

Also, I am a first-time commenter but I've been lurking and loving your beads for a long time now :)