Monday, April 07, 2008

Beeming About Ben

Oh what an exciting weekend I had!! The very most exciting thing is this little guy. His name is Benjamin Denton and I am going to be his God Mother!! Isn't he beautiful. My cousin, Audrey, called me last Monday to ask if I would take the job. Through a teary honored smile I said "OF COURSE I WILL!!"

I knew from the very first day that I heard Audrey was preggers that it would be a boy. I just knew it. Although, she never found out at the ultrasound. She was due Friday but Ben waited one extra day and arrived about 10:30 Saturday morning. He is tall (21 1/2 in) and trim (7 lbs 12 ozs)... he slept the whole time I held him. You know, being born is such hard work I can't say I blame him. I even tried taking his blankets off and tickling his toes, lol...but he just made a mad face and went back to sleep.

Ben will be my very first God Child (technically, he is also my second cousin). I asked Audrey if I had to do anything special as the God Mother. I am not an overly religious person. I tend to keep my feelings about faith to myself... I feel it is each person's choice what path they follow. She told me I just need to be someone special in his life... I said "I can do that!"

I am so so excited... and so so in love with little Ben. I get all the benefits of a new baby, lol... without the labor, delivery and sleepless nights. What is not to be excited about!?! Oh... and his name... goodness... you all know how I love alliteration... I could make anything sound good with a name like BEN!


ellen said...

I feel the same way, Kerry, about my 2 little neighbors; almost 5 and almost 2. I'm the "pretend" grammie.
You'll make a wonderful god mother.

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy news! Enjoy the babymoon with your godson. Hope all is going well with the house!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

OH. MY. What a sweet photo. Makes me wish I could have another.