Monday, April 21, 2008

Jewelry Lovers Unite!

This past weekend had to be just about the most gorgeous one ever to grace the month of April! When I was cleaning the garage on Saturday, it was 86 degrees!! I kid you not. Everyone needed sun screen and we spent the whole day soaking up the sun. Just beautiful.

We have an important topic to cover today, I hope you are prepared with your comments. Who remembers way back in November when I talked about "Drawing A Line"? I blogged about the idea of wanting to design a line of jewelry that would be available in limited edition quantities, in really cool seasonal color combinations; all in an effort to ease some of the stress that is involved with doing shows. It would also make it easier for you to get a chance to buy some of your favorite pieces, since things are so often *SOLD OUT* on my website.

Now that things are really on with the new house, The Line has come back front and center in my thoughts. Our closing date will be June 13th, which is just a few weeks before my first show of the summer, Corn Hill. I think we all know how I leave deadlines to the last minute and scramble to be ready. And we all know how stressed out I get. Okay, maybe I hide the stress on my blog, but friends and family have seen me pulling my hair out worrying that I "won't have enough stuff". Double torch session... you remember those?

Anyway, with the move, I imagine that I won't have as much time to prepare as I have in years past. So, I really want to get a jump on things NOW! I also want to be able to do a big Spring/Summer update/launch of the new line on my website before the shows. Then I can leave my scramble time for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Okay... here is where you need to be ready to make comments. Through out this post, I have shown photos of the pieces I plan to include in The Line. I picked 3 necklaces and 5 bracelets (not necessarily in the colors shown). Plus there will be signature earrings in The Line too. I would love to hear what you think of the pieces I picked, and more importantly... I want to know what your favorite piece is, not shown here.

I am also very interested to hear about what color combos you are lusting after is up coming season. Last year I think the hot one was turquoise and orange. I feel out of the loop style-wise and I would love some input on what colors will be HOT! So get commenting!!

In other news, I know a bunch of you are waiting to hear how yesterday's open house went. Unfortunately, Ron discovered around 6pm on Saturday that the open house hadn't been advertised on the big website for home buying like it should have been. We called our realtor and he didn't know what it wasn't there, he had ordered it done on Wednesday. So, all the hard work we did and only one couple went through. Though, we did hear that the couple stayed for over a half hour and that they are very interested in the property.

It only takes one, right? That one right couple that falls in love with our house. We have another showing tonight too. So, we are still very hopeful that we'll get this place sold by August.


Anonymous said...

hello, my favorite is snagged square (the first bracelet you listed). i would love to see a bracelet made from one of the sets you had on your last bead box buyables. my fav color combo right now is lime green, purple, and aqua.thanks! lisa

Kerry said...

ohhh... lime, purple and aqua sounds fabulous.

Michele H said...

Hi Kerry,

I like the first bracelet, snagged square, as well as the first necklace, nonsense. As for colors, I like the suggested purple/lime/aqua too, but I'd like to suggest purple/black/lime.


Anonymous said...

I really like the #6 photo---the bracelet with 2 halves--it's always been one of my favorites-I love the look of it. Of course I love the playground ones too--I like the colors on the playground photo you have posted. I like coral and aqua blue right now---a light aqua blue....something about Mexico and sitting on a beach with a cocktail.....Kim W

Anonymous said...

oh yeah- I wanted to add I really like the colors in your
"bubbles" at the top of your blog......those are awesome colors.....Kim W

Lori said...

I see my hinged bracelet there. I think that some transparent blue, green and purple would look great on that bracelet. I could also picture it in different shades of blues or purples together

Anonymous said...

its an orange base with white and rubino oro over the white pshaw

Anonymous said...

It's your sister. I love the one in #3, looks hot. Playgrounds I think just may be your signature piece, they are always popular and get alot of handling at the shows, so they are a given and they feel good on. but my favorite is the trapeze and i like it with 2 different chains especially the square one. i would like to see bright translucents with tarnished metel, add some antiquie type white. you know what i mean, ya.

Love your loving sister,
Miss Bonnie