Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grand Tour

Hot dang this stuff happens fast! Our realtor just left after about an hour and a half of paper signing. The guy comes tomorrow to put the sign in our front yard and in just a few hours, our house (yep, our house!) will appear in the MLS!! WOW!! To say I feel like my life is suddenly moving in fast forward would be an under statement.

I had to get the house perfectly perfect for the listing photos. I thought I would give you the grand tour of my home!!

We'll start in the living room, lol. Look at all the light we get through the big windows. I think for the purposes of showing the house, we are going to pack the china cabinet on the left there and move it out to the garage.

This is the kitchen. Humble, but modern. We have cooked many a fine dinner in here, lol. All our appliance are fairly new. And hey, they come with a full price offer on the house... wink, wink.

I love our little dining room. It is connected to the kitchen and I would say, next to the studio, I spend the most time here. I am sitting in that seat off to the left by the window right now, lol! It is where I always have my laptop set up.

I have to show a couple of the bedrooms. Above is the "master bedroom", and this shot was taken from inside the bathroom. Weird I know, but it was the only way to get a good angle. Below is Lauren's room. You might remember I just redid it a few months ago. She is hoping there is a princess room in the new house. But I have a feeling I will go green and purple again.

You all know this place!! It's my jewelry studio! This is an older photo, but it'll have to do. The studio is just too crazy right now. I straightened it up, but it still looks nutty. Oh well... that's how it goes in the studio of a working artist, right?

I don't have the exterior photos to show you yet. Unfortunately, when my computer crashed a few months ago, I lost a lot of my outdoor stuff. Thankfully though, the realtor had been by our house way back in July of 2007 and he got great shots with the yard looking MINT so... we'll be using those ones!

I am kinda curious... I am on the fence about whether or not I should share "numbers" with you all. You know... how much we are going to list the house for. I guess it is public record right? You could just look it up tomorrow. Property values are so different from place to place. I would love to hear what you think our little house would be worth in your neck of the woods.

Leave a comment and let me know!! And just so you can round out your figures properly... our house sits on .74acres, has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and is 1348sq feet (small, I know... see why we were house hunting?). There is a two car garage, large deck, above ground pool and 12x12 shed.


Michele H said...

So where do the boys sleep? Is that what the shed's for? ;-)

Kerry said...

LOL... that is an idea, lol.

Crafted Gems said...

cor you have such big houses in the states compaired to the UK, if you had that house where i live it would be £300,000 which is about $600,000

Kerry said...

You know, I have heard that about UK prices. We have friends in the Watford area, and when they were here they said the same thing. I think it is just crazy!!

ellen said...

Everything looks great, Kerry; I hope that sucker flies out from under your feet!