Friday, April 11, 2008

Laugh Till You Cry

I have told you guys a few times about my son Andrew (age 8) despising and loathing writing with an absolute passion. He has convinced himself that he can't write... that was until last week. Out of the blue, Andrew is writing up a storm!!

Last night, Andrew went to Ron and said "Here Dad, you want to read a story I wrote?" Ron read it out loud... and we all (Andrew included) laughed until we were crying!! I promised Andrew I would "publish" his story. So, here it is...

*Special Note* ~ I know this has the word "kill" and "die" a lot, and most parents would be concerned. But Andrew insists that he wrote this to be a "funny" story. Jacob tends to write war and dragon epics, and I think Andrew is modeling his writing after Jacob's.

Evil Dieing Chickens

By Andrew B

A 1,000,000 eons ago, there was a whole army of evil dieing chickens. The chickens kill evil cows. They kill each other. The chicken always wins. So the cows lost. That means the cows die. So the chicken wins the war.

The End

LOL... okay, so maybe you had to be there last night. We all thought it was hilarious!! I don't think it will be winning any awards, but the fact that he is writing is awesome. All writers start some where. And, come on, you gotta admit... chickens and cows are funny.


ellen said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a chicken again without shaking in fear.
His story was great and the most important thing is that HE'S WRITING!!! And the thrill he got of having someone read it aloud and watching others respond must have been way cool for him.
Give him a pat on the back from me.

Kerry said...

I have to agree Ellen!! I love that he is WRITING!! YOO HOO!!!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO ANDREW!!!! I have a 3 year old with multiple food allergies and chicken and beef are among them, so I found your story absolutely hilarious!!! Those chickens and cows have been on my bad side for 2 years now! Great job little man and PLEASE write a sequel....I will be watching for it! Thank you!

Leslsie G.