Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Over A Blueberry Bagel

I am sitting at my kitchen table this morning with a cup of hazelnut coffee and a toasted blueberry bagel completely over come with nervous energy. It is a beautifully bright morning and sun is streaming in every where. So much so that I had to move from my usual seat at the table to a new one in the shade. The only sound in the house right now it that of me chewing, lol. The kids are at my Mom's having a break from me and a play date with her.

But what has me nervous/anxious/scared-to-death/overwhelmed/gitty and just plain over joyed?

To tell you, I would have to start with the total opposite feelings that were sitting in my gut on Sunday. Imagine this scene... I was inside cleaning something or other, kids were playing inside and out, and Ron was cleaning up outside getting ready to head out to watch The Master's with my Dad. I wondered past the front window and noticed an unfamiliar car in the drive way... "hmmm... who could that be?"

I go outside to see Ron talking to some woman with a clip board... a Bible sales person, I wonder? Ron was talking to her far too long for her to be that. I go outside and she says to me "Hi, I am the realtor of a couple that just put a non-contingent offer in on the house you are trying to purchase. I am here to serve you with a bump notice." See, our offer was contingent on the sale of our house, so the couple owning the house we wanted to buy were free to continue to market the house until we removed our contingency. And suddenly, they had another buyer.

She had us sign a form acknowledging that we had received our notice. It gave us 48 hours to do one of three things... 1) remove the contingency from our offer 2)sell our house before Tuesday to someone with no contingencies or 3) let the house go. I held it together just long enough to sign the paper and have to the woman pull out of our driveway. Then I was completely devastated, I went to my room a balling mess. Yes, me, Kerry... the (most of the time) happy-go-lucky-positive-things-will-be-fine thinker was a crying snotty weeping mess. That is my house!! How can someone take it away? After I have worked so hard these past 3 weeks. It was just awful!!

I sent Ron out to keep his golf watching date with my Dad. I think I needed to not think about anything for a while. And he needed the break too. My Dad is a great person to talk to and debate with as well, so sending Ron to him was a good idea. When Ron got home, we talked and talked... and decided to see what the bank had to say.

I spent no less then 4 hours on the phone yesterday! I talked to the bank, then to Ron, then to the bank, and then to the realtor, and then to Ron, and then to the bank again. Thank heavens for a credit score of 819... there was light suddenly fluttering at the end of the tunnel. Our bank said we could be approved for a mortgage non-contingent on the sale of our current home. It was a risk that, when first suggested, Ron and I didn't want to take. There is no way we can afford two mortgages and all our regular bills (for two houses!). But when we took the time to look at the timing (not numbers) on paper... we realized, these double payments wouldn't actually start until August.... hmmmm....

Can we sell our house by August? With 8 showings in the past 12 days... we are very very confident we can. Heck, we haven't even had an open house yet! We just need a little more time. So August? Can we sell in the next 4 months? We think so.

So the risk has been taken... we have been dealt our cards... we have our hand in front of us... we think we have a winner and we are going for it. Our bank is over nighting a mortgage commitment to our realtor who will forward it on to the nasty lady that showed up in our driveway on Sunday. And he will say, "you can tell your non-contingent clients to keep looking, because our offer just chewed up and spit out your offer." Okay, maybe he won't use those exact words, lol.

Can you see why I am nervous/anxious/scared-to-death/overwhelmed/gitty and just plain over joyed while I chew on my blueberry bagel this morning? We bought our house!!! And now we really really need to sell ours.

*As a special note* ~ I know there has been a lot of "house" talk around here lately with little to no "bead" talk. Rest assured, I realize it and I am thinking about that all the time. I wish I had more bead/jewelry stuff going on. And I hope you aren't too bored by the lack of it. Today, with the kids gone, I will be devoting the whole day to bead making. I have a long list of "must do-s" and I am hoping to have loads to share. I have been working with Zoozii's testing a new top secret tool, so that will be something to look forward to :) Just hang in there and bare with me!


Jo said...

It sounds as though you've been through the wringer over the last few days! The whole process of buying a house over there sounds horrible, especially if people can just turn up on your doorstep like that. I hope everyting goes really smoothly for you now.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Sister I am really sorry to hear about your credit score... at 819 how will you ever recover? Well I guess nobody is perfect right? LOL!

Love your Sister
Miss Bonnie

Lori said...

I'm so happy for you. I know there will be a bit of stress until you sell your house but I think you did the right thing.
Keep updating on the house. Your blog is about life as well as art.

ellen said...

Bored? Are you kidding me? I'm anxious and nervous too. Oh, and excited now - after reading the whole blog.
Yikes! Yahoo! and Kowabunga, baby. You're getting a new house!
I am sooooooooooo happy for you.