Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gimme Input

I am totally losing it. My brain is off in too many directions. I need your help!! I just spent the past hour and a half on the torch... you wanna know how many beads made it to the kiln... a big fat ZERO!! I made at least a dozen and wasn't happy with a single one... all of 'em got set down to let cool and crack.

So... here is what I need... a plan of action. I need to not have to actually think about what I am doing. I want to make bead box beads!! Give me ideas for styles and colors you would like to see... and that is what I will work on. And don't all say the tapestry ones from a few weeks ago... they are wicked hard to make. LOL. I need stuff like... "make spring colored plaids"... or "do a whole bunch of bright discs".

Come on... leave a comment and gimme your input!


Anonymous said...

discs in spring/summer colors always love lime green with purple or blue. Like anything pink - now there is a challenge for you. Hollow beads filled with something neat inside.

Anonymous said...

BIG HOLE BEADS please!!!! Pinks, Aqua, browns......I am in a pink phase for some reason. Of course any beads from you Kerry would be great!

Leslie G.

Lori said...

Wish I had money for bead box beads.
If I did, I'd love to see brights.
I love the colors in your necklace you just showed. That flower is so cool. I'm thinking orange and blue.
I agree about the pink as well.
I'm thinking transparent brights

Anonymous said...

watermelon colors: black,green, pink/red;

Monet colors: yellow,blue,green,red,white;

pink,lime,black,white; red,turquoise,black; red,black,khaki;


Anonymous said...

wild sets of beads for bracelets; like the beads in your second rendition of the 'pretending necklace'. i just love the colors. does that make any sense at all?