Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It was time...

I said this past weekend was an exciting one. One reason was Ben, another was this... my little girl can now ride a two wheeler!

The training wheels came off Sunday morning, by lunch she could ride down the hill in our backyard. Monday she just needed a little help getting started and was all over the driveway. Determined to do it ALL by herself, yesterday she mastered starting on her own too.

As far as bike riding is concerned, the Bogey Boys have a proud history. Jacob learned the two wheel thing just a month before his 4th birthday... that means he was riding when he was THREE. Andrew had it down the summer he turned FOUR!! Lauren is a little later then the boys, being that she is five. But hey... she caught on in a few hours... it took them days. LOL.

Today is going to be a nutty one... the carpet in the kids' rooms is being replaced. I have the lovely task of moving all the furniture in both rooms out and ripping up the carpet. The installer will put down the new berber we bought, then I will be replacing all that moved around furniture. I thought you might like a little update on the house... so far 5 showings in 5 days, but no offers yet. We found out yesterday, though, that if the buyer qualifies, they can take over the last $10,000 of our grant! YOO HOO!!

Wouldn't you want to buy a house that gave you $10K for nothing?

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ellen said...

So interesting to see the difference between boys and girls when they tackle a task.
Kerry, do you have those slidey things to put under your furniture? They make moving things much, much easier. I think you can get them at Home Depot or other stores like that.