Thursday, April 10, 2008

Under Control

*SIGH* ~ the carpets are in... and the upside down house has been put back to right. I have to say, being a bit obsessive compulsive about cleaning can really help when you have a big job to get done. Though it makes for a really sore body the next day.

I had the rooms empty and the carpets ripped up by 11am yesterday. And then the waiting began. A friend of ours was doing the install and he didn't exactly give us a time that he was coming by. I just knew I had to be ready "in the afternoon". I used my time wisely and thankfully, I finished up the last 4 articles that have the April 15th deadline while I was waiting.

Our friend ended up coming by around 5pm and it took until 8pm to get the carpet layed down. Ron tried to convince me to just leave the reloading of the rooms until today. But I couldn't think of sleeping while there were things that needed organizing!! By 10 or so I was done. You know you have a problem when you are putting things back in a closet, in the dark because the kids are sleeping. The floors really look great and the kids think it is cool to have something brandy new in their rooms.

Today has already been full, believe it or not. I just can't seem to slow down! I got the floors washed, rooms dusted/windexed, and the bathroom scrubbed. Ready for weekend showings of the house. Now it is time to borrow a friend's camera to photograph some of the tutorials and, I'll be making the last few beads I need to make the finished pieces for those tutorials too. Once everything is in the mail tomorrow, I PROMISE I will work on Bead Box Beads. Actually, I have something special in mind for the next update... something I haven't done before... I think you'll like it.

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