Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Alcove

To the left of the fireplace in my dining room, there is a doorway. It is the start of a hallway in which you'll find the boys' rooms, the twisted stairs, the yellow bathroom, and this little nook. I am calling it "The Alcove". I love little spots like this in my house!! I bet brandy new houses don't have this kind of character. (Hey Cindy, see if your builder can make an alcove for you.)

Anyway... I couldn't leave it empty. The rather rickety old table is from a garage sale on Park Ave that Ron went to about 10 years ago. It was a great $5 find. The old, very heavy, antique mirror will need to be moved. Were I to hang it on the wall, I would have a lovely view of my chest, but would be needing to bend down to check my hair. LOL.

I am thinking I should paint this little alcove a color. Maybe tangerine... OH, or I could paint the side walls of it a color and leave the back wall white. There is an idea! I already know the picture I'll hang instead of the mirror. It is a painting of John Sloan that I did in high school. I think it is only fitting that he watch over the boys.

Okay... in beady related things... yesterday is was invited to be a contributor on a new book!! YOO HOO!!! The details aren't set in stone. I don't know publication dates or anything. But I do have a deadline and I will be coming up with 5 projects for it. I think you'll find the subject matter rather interesting. I let you know more details as I have them. It is all very exciting. It brings me that much closer to being able to get my own book published!! Which by the way, I have written the forward on, the "basics", the "tool talk" and 13 of 26 projects for!! I am definitely going to take advantage of this torch hiatus to get those last 13 projects written and start shopping for a publisher.

Oh... the toggle beads in the new project shown in Creative Jewelry... the emails have started coming in asking about the focal beads and how to order them. There is a small, very slight, chance that I may go to the old house and spend a few hours torching. My desk isn't fully packed so I could sneak out just a couple of focals. BUT, it is only a maybe, I can't promise. If I don't get to it, you can bet that a big batch of those beads will be first on my list to do when the torch is set up. And I will be sharing the tutorial for the "t" bar part of the clasp very soon. I thought I would get it in at the end of last week, but it just didn't happen. Oh well...


grandmacarnes said...

I LOVE LITTLE ALCOVES, too. I love old antique things. My new house isn't quite charming enough for them. I have a passion for old kitchen chairs. I would love to buy tons, paint and redo them, then scatter them all over......but only if I had an old house. I gave up a wonderful old house for the convenience of new, there is no charm, no surprises when flooring is removed, etc. I long for the old charm.

CreekHiker said...

Kerry, I was a producer for Carol Duvall for seven seasons and have helped many of my guests get their books published. And I know all the ins and outs of self publishing too. Feel free to email if you have questions (there's a link on my Creekhiker blog.)


Kerry said...

Holly, It sounds like you will be a wonderful resource!! I'll be in touch :)

ellen said...

Oh, man, an alcove! They're like a secret place, aren't they?

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Lordy, but you're making me miss my old house! I hate our cookie-cutter-subdivision house where if you're not careful, you could walk into someone ELSE'S abode by mistake.

Lovely photos, keep 'em coming, so I can live vicariously through you!