Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beading Daily!

Wow, wow, wow!! I am completely over the moon right now. I am busting with so many emotions. I have no idea where to begin!!

The day started on a somber note with my Grandpa's funeral. It was a really nice service, over seen by the Bishop of Rochester (a huge honor for the family), and sun warming all our faces graveside as he was laid to rest. The reception that followed was full of literally 100s of people. All loved and respected Grandpa and it was a memorable event, to say the least. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, comments, emails, cards, texts, and phone calls. I appreciate you all soo soo much. Thank you.

When I got home, my emotions swung the total opposite direction with lots of exciting news in my email inbox. First, CHECK IT OUT, I was interviewed by the lovely Jean Campbell for Beading Daily. Yeah, seriously... an interview of *me* was blasted out to over 100,000 people!! Holy COW!! How cool is that?!? Over the moon, I tell ya, over.the.moon. Jean asked great questions, and I loved that they shared so many photos from the book. Thanks Jean!

Now, those 100,000 people all (okay, maybe not all of them) ran off to and did an even more awesome thing... they zinged Totally Twisted to #1 in the Jewelry category, #1 in the Metal work Category, and #1 the Beadwork Category!! Double holy cows! See screen shot below!!

number one yoo hoo

I am going to settle into what will hopefully be a less emotional evening, lol. This is way too much excitement for one day! I think there needs to be a cake made though... I need to get my hubby on that.


deehebard said...

What a dqy...I think that may be a little gift from your new angel...I bet he was more connected than you will ever know! Enjoy your deserve a great one Kerry!

Christine said...

WOOOO!! Rock on with your bad self! ;)

Seriously, that is awesome...all of it, the interview, the book stuff, heck even the Bishop of Rochester!

Definitely, you need cake. This is absolutely a cake-having kind of situation. What's your favorite kind?

TesoriTrovati said...

Hugs and high fives to you, Miss Kerry! I saw that article and immediately read it. (Shhh...I'm supposed to be working!) It was a great insight into your personality. That book is dynamite and deserves to be #1!
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Kerry! Sounds like a twirling tutu dance is in order while enjoying your cake!

Marcia B

Azure Islands Designs said...

Congratulations Kerry...I read the interview this morning in the Beading Daily email I received... the book looks fabulous!!!

Good things do happen when we least expect them to!

Enjoy your cake...

Jenny J-V said...

I think the interview's great! So glad you could have some excitement associated with a sad day. Go have cake!!!

Kristine said...

Yes!! I received that Beading Daily email too. I'm excited for you! Congrats!

Holly said...

holy crap, that's amazing! go you!!!

Meredith said...

Congratulations Kerry, I can feel your excitement all the way down here in NC! Enjoy your moment, and your cake.

hello gorgeous said...

WOW! talk about a mix of emotions!

Congratulations on the double-whammy with the interview AND book sales! ;o)

Glad your grandpa had a good send-off too!


hello gorgeous xxx

sheri said...

Go Kerry, I knew the book would soar. You totally deserve it. Good for you!!! Off to read the article. Yeah.

Michelle Mach said...

Congratulations on the interview and #1 Amazon ranking!

Cindy said...

Congrats, Kerry! That must have been the most INCREDIBLE feeling to see your book ranked #1 in those categories...really like a dream come true! All that hard work has really paid off. Now you can sit back and enjoy the cake (bet it's all gone already!).