Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cabbage & Carrots

rusty's window
(this photo has nothing to do with today's post, lol... Rusty so loves that window)

I did not sleep well last night, as is evident by my 6am blogging. Had I slept well, I would still be in bed for another 45 mins or so. Instead I was at Wegmans by 5:10am buying eggs, milk, coffee creamer, doughnuts, yummy crusty bread, carrots, cabbage, and a cornbeef brisket. The highlights of my morning trip... not a car in site, an empty store aside from the very friendly guys stocking the shelves, discovering that my peppermint mocha creamer is going to be available year round, and getting myself a cherry bialy. Yeah, so, early morning grocery store runs have their perks, I would rather not make a habit of it though.

I must say, I am feeling a little loony in these wee hours. Did I really just say peppermint mocha and cornbeef in the same paragraph? Those don't go together very well. That is the thing with me isn't it though? My *likes* rarely make a whole lot of sense. At least, not to others, they make perfect sense to me. Anyway.

I am not sure where I am going with any of this. I just kinda feel like chit chatting. Oh, Jacob came home sick from school yesterday with a stomach bug but seemed fine enough to eat non-stop by about 4pm, so I am sending him to school today. Makes me wonder if the nurse at school actually saw him get sick or if he was avoiding something. I brought that up to him and I got a very, what is the right word?, hurt... no, offended... of-course-I-am-not-avoiding-anything-Mom-you-think-I-would-fake-something-like-this answer. He did sleep for about four hours, LOL, so I'll chalk it up to more of a mental health day than a sick day. And goodness knows we all need those around here.

Jacob being home really messed with my bead making mojo (thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday, by the way). I had a plan about what I had to get done and when. Carrie wasn't happy about getting a much later start to working than she had hoped. So, *I* took over and just kinda wandered around my mind with some ideas that were starting to form. I had fun spinning discs (you'll see what I mean in a few day) and the colors are my absolute favorite. And making beads to build a beautiful piece is all well and good, but not going according to schedule. Today, I will really need to get back to what needs doing. Oh, and what little I did do that I was supposed to do didn't turn out at all how I hoped. So, I am thinkin' back to basics for the Timeless bangle beads. Meaning simple designs in wonderful color combinations. Yeah, that'll work.

Ya know, I think I could sit here and go on for a while, lol. But I think it better not to bore you. Enjoy your St.Patty's Day, eat your cornbeef and boiled cabbage, and mind your pints and quarts. (Did you know that is what "mind your p's & q's" means? Yeah, it is an Irish bar thing. And there is plenty more useless information where that came from!) No green beer allowed.

breakfast bialy 1


Kristen said...

Kerry, the cat looks so comfortable up there! Mine love the window's too. Sorry you didn't sleep well. To make you feel better, there is a stomach bug going around these parts too, it's a quick one (24 hours) and two of my kids have already had it, in addition to two of my nieces so it may not be a total faker moment. :) Happy St. Patty's!

Christine said...

Good (early) morning!

Eileen said...

good morning kerry...thanks for i know what to do with my early morning rises...wegman's...what a great idea...
have a wonderful bead mojo day!...

mairedodd said...

beautiful shot of your kitty -
must have been something in the air yesterday - alex came home with the same complaint, we played the same let's talk about it game with the same result... and the day wrapped up in a similar way...
your beads yesterday were/are beautiful... like the most exquisite pile of the fanciest jelly beans ever!
hope so much to get something going myself today... good luck!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sweet kitty!
Sometimes the best laid plans... my own son has been waking us up at night with anxieties that don't rear their ugly heads during the day. Little sleep is making momma crabby (little is what I usually get, now it is less). I am glad that Jacob feels better now. And that bialy looks yummy. I am hungry now.
Enjoy the day! Erin

Cindy said...

Kerry...what an EARLY day you had! Was great chatting with you today....and what a great shot with your danish. :-)

hello gorgeous said...

loved the chat, thanks! ;o)

Rusty DOES look VERY content with his spot....and he's SO beautiful!

I do the "early morning" shop at christmas is quite eerie but you can actually feel the space in your brain when thinking of your shopping needs being VERY happy it's not cluttered up with a million people buzzing around you!

Your cherry bialy (whatever that is?) looks delish! Feel like a danish now......

have a great day today ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Kerry said...

Thanks for checking in today Ladies!

Gorgeous... a bialy is a bagel that is kinda flattened and then there is filling in the center. They have these cherry ones, and there is an apple one, but traditionally they are more rustic with pepperoni or something.