Monday, March 01, 2010

Sort & Fly

more snow 1
:: Jack Rabbit
:: *sigh* seeing Grandpa in hospice was hard this weekend, I hope his suffering is over soon. 84 years is a long life.
:: I have gots lots to mail today, but an appointment for Jacob first.
:: goodness my coffee tastes good today.
:: this photo shows what nearly two feet of snow looks like.
:: my hubby looks handsome this morning.
:: it was so funny when my Uncle Greg walked into Grandpa's room, and Grandpa said "Hey Greg, do you want to go to heaven with me?"
:: I need to get jewelry pulled together to take to The Gallery Store tomorrow.
:: we are finally starting Care Coordination for Andrew tomorrow, we've been waiting since October.
:: omg. taxes. ugh.
:: I need to wake up Lauren and she has to wash her hair before school.
:: Jacob wants me to downlaod new music for her MP3 player.
:: laundry must get done before Thursday... I am going to DC!
:: man, the living room needs a good sweeping.
:: I am really going to miss telling Grandpa jokes at the picnic.

As always, you are welcome to join me in my random Monday ramblings. Feel free to leave a comment to organize your thoughts.


Christine said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Kerry. I hope his passage is peaceful when it comes. *hug*

*Confidence. That's important.
*I can't wait until Saturday! I'm taking a class!!
*I probably have to work this afternoon.
*My coffee is cold already.
*Those beads aren't going to clean themselves.
*I really wish I was better at fashion.

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
You sure have a lot going on.:-( I'm sorry about Grandpa...must have been a very difficult weekend. We'll catch up soon.

TesoriTrovati said...

...that is a lot of snow!
...I am from Wisconsin and we don't have that much snow where I am! sounds awesome...too bad I gave it up for Lent. yerba mate ginger tea just ain't cuttin' it.
...I love this welcoming, embracing bead-i-ful community. I have made some wonderfully supportive friends.
...the countdown is on...I said I would be selling online by the end of the first quarter and I have 31 days to get my act together.
...saw my 85 year old MIL on Sunday to celebrate her birthday. We don't see her enough. jealous that Kerry is going to DC (with Lorelei no less) to learn something new. I know that great things will come from that magic.
...sending you big cyber-hugs Miss Kerry. Grandpa sounds as if he has lived a most wonder-filled life.

Enjoy the day!

Nonie said...

Hi Kerry..I'm sorry about Grandpa too. I bet he's a wonderful person. Big hug to you.

jeanette said...

Hi Kerry, I am really sorry to hear about your grandfather...I can imagine how difficult this must be for you...
The snow looks was scene I would see when I looked out my window a few weeks ago. It was nice for a while, kids loved it, but glad its melting.....