Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Twisted Tuesdays - Delayed

Sorry gang, Lauren came home from school yesterday with strep throat. So, I need a couple of days to get her healthy. Let's shoot for a "Totally Thursday" post this week instead of "Twisted Tuesday"! And in the meantime, enjoy a little of the sun that we have been soaking up here.
morning sun


Вишенка said...

Hope she gets better.
In the last few days it looks like every kid around us has strep. My younger one is finishing his antibiotic for strep throat this week. Second round.
Is it possible to kill it for good?

lisa oram said...

I'm guessing a sick kid is the last thing you needed this week. . . . (Didn't yesterday's list say "busy" quite a few times?!) Hang in there! Hopefully an antibiotic will make short work of it. Take care.

deehebard said...

Hope she feels better soon!

Alice said...

I hope she is better very soon. That strep can really take it out of a child. But then they do bounce back quickly too.

After a long nasty winter, Mother Nature teased us with a couple days of sun, then turned around and sent a couple cold, rainy days. Arghhhh

Take care of your girl, and yourself too!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hope Lauren feels better soon...strep throat is nasty!

The sun is treating everyone with its presence right now...we've had sun here for a week...but rain is on the way I'm told!!! :0)