Monday, March 22, 2010

Rooster Rundown

:: another sleepless night because my mind wouldn't shut up and go to sleep. it was organizing thoughts Random Monday, lol
:: can't remember half the stuff that my brain had organized last night
:: OH CRAP, sales tax paperwork is due today... can.not.forget.that.
:: Jacob thinks Tiger isn't nervous about the Masters, I think... I don't care!
:: this little rooster man was hanging out on a mailbox and I saw him on my walk last week, little cutie
:: EEEEkkkk, gonna register for my first Gathering at noon today!! another can.not.forget.that. thing
:: got a couple of really cool new jewelry designs in the works
:: need to finish said jewelry designs asap & photograph them because there are a few show applications due the first week in April
:: feeling rather agitated suddenly, grrrr... I really don't like having certain conversations.
:: some tutu twirling may be in order and really loud music.
:: wonder if I can concentrate enough to do those stupid taxes with really loud music playing?
:: stupid Mondays


Christine said...

Nice rooster!

It's so dark and rainy outside here today that Noah thought it was time to go to bed!

-I hope I get to torch today.
-I don't want to go to work this afternoon.
-It's popcorn and movies today for the kids.
-Got to join the ISGB so I can go to the Gathering.

Have a good day!

mairedodd said...

feels like it was just last monday - and i still haven't caught up with the laundry!
best luck with the taxes... tutu twirling may become necessary!
mondays are such a mixed bag for me... a little quiet because the kids are in school... but it means that everything is open - so phone calls, etc need to be made...

Kerry said...

I agree Mary Jane, mondays are so mixed for me too. The kids are done and it is quiet, but I end up with a million and one things I need to pack in. Then before I know it, the week is gone and it is another Monday again. Makes me think I am not living in my moments enough if I am losing them so quickly.

Cindy said...

-tumbling some metal..need to hurry and finish that project.
-just finished I need to tackle the wood floors...I think I'll put it off.
-wondering how my son's doing at school, he needed his nebulizer again after over a year.
-rainy and dreary out, no pictures will be taken now.
-Did you see all of the wonderful comments on my blog - everyone loves your book! :-)

AliBaubles said...

- feel busy but not achieving much
- so bored of working on the same jewelry designs
- can't wait to get this batch shipped off to the store, then I play and experiment again
- Just had a nice Indian for dinner
- Is it bedtime yet :)

Hope you had a good day Kerry!