Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's Mental Unloading

Welcome to Random Mondays on my blog. Where I dump out all the things I have randomly jump into my head for the week to come. As always, feel free to get your random thoughts out in the comments. All are welcome here.

charming 2
:: photos today are just a few of my knitting wips (works in progress)... hmmm... maybe I have a few too many wips, LOL
:: it is rainy and gray today, sweet!, it is just what I needed...
:: no I am not being sarcastic about *needing* a gray day, I like them
:: yuck, I put too much creamer in my coffee today
:: wait till y'all see what I did all weekend! You are gonna love the photos for Twisted Tuesday!!

late christmas socks 1
:: Care Coordination (for Andrew) is starting tonight, finally, it is about time
:: wonder if I will get dressed today before torching... pjs are good for torching since they are cotton, but it may get uncomfortable being bra-less the whole time
:: I spent all day Friday with my Grandma (6am-3pm) and I loved it, she thought I was babysitting her, I said I was visiting... and I hope I get to spend another day with her soon.
:: why does it feel like time moves so so fast some days and crawls to a fault on other days?
:: I seriously need to make an appointment to get my hair trimmed (L2, send me Julia's phone number again, pretty please!)

picking buttons
:: okay... focus... need to clean beads, make more beads, get a shower, go to the bank, hit the post office, and clean the house all before 4pm...
:: it can be done
:: stupid daylight savings time
:: why can't chocolate be lower in calories?
:: anyone have a suggestion for a quick and easy dinner? I have a busy day and don't want to cook (see random thought above).


TesoriTrovati said...

Here is my best fast recipe...always have on hand.
Pesto with Shrimp Fettucine

Boil water for noodles.
While noodles are boiling, peel tail off frozen shrimp (may skip this if you don't have time).
Mix 1/2 of the smallest can of evaporated milk with your favorite local pesto.
Last two minutes of noodles boiling, throw in the shrimp to pink up.
Drain noodles and shrimp together. Toss with pesto sauce.
Enjoy with a crusty garlic bread and salad. Wine is optional.

Enjoy the day!

Lori Michaud said...,1939,154167-224199,00.html

Try this link for no peek chicken. My recipe is at home, I'm at work, but this recipe is similar enough. Easy peasey!

Cindy said...

Kerry...hope you got it all in today. Sounds like an unually busy one! Can't wait to see all the beads you're creating! :-)

Alice said...


dang why do I keep sleeping in past 6:30

wonder what the creature under our porch dragged up today

how are we going to get rid of the thing?

need to get laundry, dusting, vacuuming done before DD20 gets here

cant wait to go shoping with DD

crud, what's for supper?

need to make something, anything, today for my biz

hope my dd13 is OK today--nervous stomach for her

crud, what's for supper......??

just what is that thing under our porch anyway?

Alice, get off the computer and go make something!

lisa oram said...

I used your Monday strategy on my blog yesterday. Today I bought your book! I used to cook, but that was before beads. . .omlettes? chef salad? it's nice day where I live - maybe pick up fish and put it on the grill. Good luck!

Nicki said...

Chili con carne - and make a whole bunch and freeze the rest for the next busy day....