Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nanu's Late Stinky Feet Covers

stinky feet one
stinky feet two
This really is one of those morning that where I think I should just skip blogging. This is post #1170 and *sigh* I can't think of a thing to say. I am hoping that sharing photos of Andrew's socks might spark a conversation for us. Oh goodness, ya know what, I feel like *sighing* every five minutes this morning. Or maybe they are deep breaths more than they are sighs. I think the hectic nature of the past few days has me thankful for a slower day today. Which will be full in ways other than running around.

So, yes, these are "Stinky Feet Covers", but may also be called "Stinky Feet Creators" as well. LOL. My Christmas creating was so flurrious this past year that I took on more project than I could finish in time. Andrew and I had a conversation about this, and he agreed that if he could pick out the yarn for his Momma-made socks, he would be okay with getting them at a later date. One very snowy evening, after an evening doctor appointment, Nanu and I hit up a couple of the local yarn stores in search of *his* yarn. This Cascade 220 Superwash Paints is what he picked and the pattern I used was Thuja from This pattern and I are really a match made in heaven. I wouldn't have the patience for sock weight yarn and size 2 needles, but size 6s and a thicker weight are perfect for me.

stinky feet three
stinky feet four
Yes, yes, I know I should have started these the day I got the yarn. It was the heart of Winter and his could feet could have used the warmth before Spring. I just plain didn't wanna. But week before last, I spent the entire day sitting with my Grandma and I knew his sock would be just the thing to work on while we chatted. I got to hear about the only pair of socks my Grandma ever knit. They were knee high and white, for my Grandpa, and they took almost 3 years to finish. He lost one the first time he wore them and Grandma didn't have the patience to knit a replacement. LOL. She said she still has the one. I didn't ask to see it though, she was in and out of being very sad that day and I didn't want to add to it but pulling more old memories out of the drawer.

Anyway, you should know, we have a standing joke in this house about the kids and their stinky vinegar feet. It is how my Mom and I would get them to bathe when they were toddlers. We would smell their feet while they were in the tub, then squeal about the stink, and scrub them up. Even now, when the come home from school and drop their stuff by the door, I often hear myself saying "who's got stinky vinegar feet? get in the shower." Nine times out of ten, it is Andrew. My boy lives in the same socks for days, nay weeks, straight if you don't watch him like a hawk and make him change his socks. I kid you not. I have to sneak into the bathroom while he is showering, grab his socks off the floor, and put them down the laundry shoot or he will put the same ones back on. Gross.

stinky feet five
stinky feet six
I put the finishing touches on these last night. About 10pm, I snuck into his room, pushed back the covers, and whispered "let me have your feet, I have a surprise for you." I peeled off the yucky socks he was wearing, and put these on his toes. Then, this morning, when just enough light came into his room, I pushed back all his blankets again and caught this early morning stretch. Can you see the stretch in the photos? Imaging him in a ball in the first two photos there... then he uncurled and pointed his toes in the second two... then relaxed and fell back to sleep in the last two. It was a nice way to start the morning.

Now with Andrew, there are no thank yous. As he stumbled around the kitchen this morning, I asked "so? do ya like your new socks?". To which he replied in a very duh-mom tone "yeah, I love 'em". That works for me.

And looky that... I did have more to say than I thought today. *sigh*

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Cindy said...

Kerry, I bet you were happy to finally finish this project...the socks are just perfect..and I'm sure he really does appreciate them deep down. :-)