Thursday, April 01, 2010

Beads and a Bit of Babble

kit 3 beads 1
kit 3 beads 2

First of all, my apologies to dial up users. I took a boat load of photos and just couldn't show you any less than what is here!! LOOK AT THESE BEADS!! I just want to swim in a pool of them. These are all the "plaid" beads needed for my Framed class. Online registration is closed, but you can still register at the show and there are still spots available! If you are any where near King Of Prussia PA, come see me!! I will be doing a book signing at the Interweave booth on Friday and a demo too. Plus I will be at Meet The Teachers Friday night. Wow, just a week away! I can hardly believe it.

kit 3 beads 4
kit 3 beads 6
kit 3 beads 8

So, um, you probably won't be able to tell by this post, but I am not feeling so talkative right now. I am about to babble on for several minutes so I am sure it doesn't seem that way to you, but seriously... me no talky.

Monday I told y'all how I was feeling like crud, well, I still very much am. When I get down on myself, I tend to get quiet. It has been really nice to be distracted by this big bead project. Rather than feeling cruddy and avoiding life by spending more time than I should on the web, I am in my studio sitting at my flame making beads for hours on end. Much healthier, yes, than the web addiction but it really isn't making me *feel* better about myself. I am a little too caught up in my head.

kit 3 beads 10
kit 3 beads 11

So while in my own head recently, I decided that it is time to take control. Think up some analogy with a girl being in a wagon/cart/chariot type thing that represents her life and it just going along any random path at all different speeds and she is just sitting there in the back wondering why the hell she gets so motion sick. Yeah... so the girl = me, the chariot = my life, and the motion sickness = the crud I feel lately. I can feel something changing right now. Or rather, like it could change right now. I need to make some choices. I need either accept that my life is out of my control and quit complaining about it or I need to quit complaining and take control of things. It's really hard to explain what I mean, I dunno. Add to the analogy some bit about reins being used be the said girl in the back and you'll know what I mean.

It really is all physical. I am not taking good enough care of my body and it is letting me know. So I started with the coffee this week and that is going good. I haven't had a cup of coffee since Sunday. And the headaches aren't so bad now. I will probably still have coffee from time to time, don't get me wrong, I love the taste of it. It just won't be daily anymore. Next to go is soda. This shouldn't be so hard. We don't drink much soda, it is just that recently, it has been finding its way into our shopping cart more often than it should. So, no soda, more water.

kit 3 beads 14
kit 3 beads 15

You know me and "Carrie" right? We'll she wanted in on the action too. We all know how she likes round numbers, lol. This being the 1st of the month, it is prefect timing for a personal challenge. (Yeah, I let her pick the date.) I haven't been running much the past few weeks. Not running much = not at all. Ugh. I could go on about some knee pain and swelling I have been having, and my shoulder pain from too much torching, but they are just excuses. I am giving myself a personal challenge to run everyday this month! I don't know if it will work while I am in PA next week, but I am gonna try. I will be packing leggings and a sports bra in hopes that they have a gym in that massive hotel. Being the visual person I am, I am starting a weight journal too. Now, I know it isn't about the number, and I really truly feel strongly about that, but I do want to *see* that I am making some progress. So, each morning, when I wake up, I will weight myself and jot it down. I am kinda curious what I can do in a month of no coffee, no soda, and running everyday. If it is really good, lol, I will tell ya. Plus, I am hoping that saying that 'it takes three weeks to form a habit" will make me get into a better habit of regular exercise.

Alright, enough babbling. Thanks for lasting this long! I am guessing it is the bead photos that got you through the babble. I am all good with that, LOL. BUT, I should be beading!! I have soooo much work to do!! Here is a little sneak peak at the next round of beads.

me and more beads


msbaubles/alibaubles said...

Gorgeous beads.......I could pour them in a bowl, cover them in milk, and eat them all up.....well perhaps not literally :-P

Good Luck with the getting healthier......I know how hard it is to get motivated, when you have a million other things going on (I'm in that boat at the moment), but baby steps :)

niveditha said...

OMG!the beads are soooo beautiful and lovely. Nice photography!

Betsy said...

oh my goodness, those pics are awesome and the beads are gorgeous! : ) sure wish i didn't live so far away, i would love to take your class!

quiltingjewel39 said...

The beads are awesome - I love the plaid idea. I know what you mean about the other stuff too. Monday is my 15th anniversary of being cancer free and most of those healthy habits have slid away so I am starting over(or at least trying).Good luck - I will keep you in my thoughts as I start to take control also.

Christine said...

Beautiful beads, as usual. Those blues are just yummy!

Good luck with getting healthier....I am desperately trying to beat back the effects of age and three pregnancies, and get out of the 'overweight' category myself, but I haven't been as successful as I'd like to be.

Wish i was going to PA, but I'll definitely see you in Roch in July!

Holly said...

good fo ryou! taking charge is a great start to feeling better.

also, in your weight journal make sure that once a week you do measurements. even measure your neck, your calves,'s easy to get down if the scale doesn't move, but who cares what it says if you lose inches! (that happened to me recently; i blame weight training)

you can do it!

RockerJewlz said...

All that and refreshing...and another chance for me to have bitchen wallpaper on my computer!

mary s said...

Beads are beautiful as ever and sorry you're feeling fretful - that's not good.

When I read that your goal is to run every day, I worried - you sound as if you know yourself very well, but I always think providing a margin for reality is good - like 4-5 days/week? You can always exceed, but it's easy to feel you've failed if you fall off even a little from an "every day" kind of goal.

My two cents only.

Love reading your blog and hope you feel better soon.

mary s said...

PS - there is a great book about eating to feel better - it has kind of a goofy name but it's really great - "The Good Mood Diet" by Susan Kleiner, a nutrition specialist who has worked with professional athletes and others.

The book's claims sound a little hokey too - "one week to erasing depression" - but the substance is really sensible and based on nutrition science.

best wishes!

jeanette said...

Look at these gorgeous glass beads! I would love to purchase a set of those plaid beads...perhaps at the teacher reception?? Love them!