Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hear Me Roar

Mom's Charming

No "Twisted Tuesday" post today. I am going to rant and rave about being frustrated and under appreciated instead. Feel free to skip along to the next blog in your que should you want to avoid the whining. There. You have been warned.

The image above has abso-stinkin'-lutely nothing to do with this post. I thought it's purpose and the soft calming colors might sooth my nerves a bit though. So, think of it as just a bit of visual therapy. My Mom requested I crochet her a sweater like mine for Mother's Day. It won't be a surprise, she even picked the color, and it is going to be a mad dash to finish it by next weekend.

Anywho... I really must have woken up on the wrong side of bed today. Oh how I wish I had the option to go back to bed and try waking up again. It really started yesterday with nothing going the way I had set in my head that it would. Things that I thought would be worked on, weren't. Call that I thought I would make didn't get to be dialed. Practices lasted longer than usual, so dinner wasn't eaten together. I forgot to return a movie, so I was in the grocery store late making sure I didn't have to pay an extra 99 cents. But ya know, it wasn't so bad, I adapted. It is what I do. Life happens and move on. There is always the next day to get things done.

Now it is the next day and already, I know what I want to have happen today isn't going to happen! Grrrr... and no one in this house seems to understand that I have *stuff* going on too. The kids are taking New York State tests today, so I woke up at the crack of dawn to make them a special big breakfast... what did I end up with? Half a slice of cold bacon and a sink over flowing with dishes. It was also mentioned how someone has had the same white tee-shirt on for about 7 days because he doesn't want to go in the basement and get a clean on out of the dryer. And apparently, Mom, there are no matching socks in the house.... and can I get over to an estate sale to buy a Weber grill for friend at work... and, Mom, where is my winter coat (because OH yeah, it is snowing)... and, Mom, can you wash my game shorts and jersey... and... and... and... and... It is enough to make my head explode! Plus, four people took showers so all I have now is cold water for my shower!! Let's not even mention the current state of cleanliness in the house either. We wouldn't want to rile "Carrie" up too. (This after we had a Job Jar Day last week!)

Okay... deep breath... look at soothing image... relax and adapt. I had my rant now it is time to move on. Dishes are in the dishwasher, laundry is sorted and ready for folding, everyone has cleared out of the house and it is quiet, blog is written, and I can get a shower in a half hour when the water is warm again. The day will turn around.

And... as my Dad says "at least I am not a rock at the bottom of a lake." Oh you haven't heard that one before? Yep, it is what my Dad says about life. You could be a rock at the bottom of a lake that waits a hundred years to wash up to shore. Then once at the shore, you could have the biggest highlight of your life be that a kid picks you up. As the kid tosses you in his hand, you hope and you pray that he is good at skipping rocks... but then, you find he isn't... and you are right back at the bottom of the lake.


Lindsey said...

Sounds like someone might need some hot chocolate today.... because the SNOW doesn't really allow for a smoothie.

TesoriTrovati said...

Right back at the bottom of the lake! That is funny. I love that image.
My dad always says, "Life is not a dress rehearsal" which I do try to live out. And also, "Don't get excited on your first cruise." That one always irked me. But it tells me to slow down, appreciate things and go with the flow.
I am in 'hell week' for dance right now. And I will miss two baseball games out of town because of being the backstage mommy. I will be living at the theater and trying to keep my 9 year old going for the next 6 days of rehearsals and performances. We might need to call in dead on Monday.
I hope your day and your week gets better.
Enjoy the day!

stregata said...

So - another deep breath. Sending big hugs from the other side of the world - because.

AliBaubles said...

I love your dads saying :) Hopefully your day is going better, and you have a chance to relax and make time for Kerry.