Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo Ode To Rain Boots

rain boot 1
rain boot 2
rain boot 3

My memory is shot, so, I can't tell you about my first pair of rain boots. I am sure I had them as a kid. Though, I don't know. A good chunk of my memory is convinced I actually may not have ever had a pair before. *sigh* I am so happy to have remedied that little over site. Now my toes will stay dry while tromping in the garden and heels won't be wet while watching sports in the rain. Aren't those polka dots darling? How did I go so long with out them?


Christine said...

Cute! I love the dots!

Anonymous said...

They are darling! They will be so very cool for the lacrosse games. (this season is not typical of most.)


Alice said...

When I was young my mother put bread wrappers on our feet and secured them with rubber bands. These were our rain and snow boots (can you guess that we didn't have money to throw around on boots?).

I've always wanted a sweet pair of rubber boots, expecially after my best friend received a hot pink pair for Mother's Day.

Kerry said...

We did the same thing Alice! Only it was with our winter boots. They never actually kept our feet dry, so we would put grocery bags on our feet and then stuff them in our boots.

TesoriTrovati said...

Target has the cutest line of rain boots right now in these beautiful florals. I am sure I never had rain boots as a kid. I don't need them now, but I would love a pair of spunky boots. These are great.
Enjoy the day!

Shaiha said...

I probably didn't have rainboots as my mother couldn't keep shoes on me. I am still the same way. Wear sandels year round so I can slip then off.