Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bees

This being Spring Break, with all three kids home from school all week, I have been making a very conscious effort to keep my brood entertained. Boredom breeds contempt in my house and all sorts of bad things start to happen. So, activity: good, boredom: bad. I always have to wrack my brain when trying to come up with "stuff" to do with the kids. This week though, it has been easy. I took a little lead, though she doesn't know it, from my friend Cindy. She is wonderful at being a "tourist", where she lives or where she goes. She takes her kids to all sorts of places introducing them to new things. I decided it was time we be tourists in our own city.

Rochester is a pretty amazing place. We have lots of museums: George Eastman House, National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Memorial Art Gallery, Susan B. Anthony House, just to name a few. We have lots of parks, too, and beaches, and... a zoo. The zoo is where our adventures began this week. The weather this week has been nothing short of divine, sunny and in the sixties, wonderfully comfortable and perfect to outings as it isn't the sort of weather that leaves you completely drained. Nice. (Though today is a bit cloudy and it is barely going to break 50. I am not complaining! We need the balance of an inside day today.) And, um, spring was definitely in the air. Oh, you need more than my word? HA! The orangutans were making out (tongue and all, people) and the turtles were mating. Oh yes, there are pictures to prove it, lol. It was very informative.


There are lots more photos of the animals (both mine and the zoo's) in this Flickr set (go there to see the mating turtles, it is just too risky for this blog, LOL). SO many beautiful creatures and all just a 10min drive away.

The best part though? In the car, as we were getting ready to pull out of the parking lot, Andrew was the first to say "Mom, this was so awesome, thanks for bringing us."


Lindsey said...

Love the elephant shot. I, too, have a mating turtles shot in my photostream from L4's fieldtrip there last spring. Happy turtles!

Holly said...

the last time i went to the zoo, i got a video of the turtles mating. the sound it makes when their shells knock together is hilarious.

who knew that they were so romantic? Bunnies get all the credit for that!

mairedodd said...

sounds like a great time - ugh, are the tortoise always mating?!
disney's 'oceans' opens today for earth day - looks really beautiful...
keep having fun mom - they are enjoying it!

Pretty Things said...

It's so awesome when your child says things like that -- it makes it all worthwhile.

Cindy said...

Kerry, love all of the great animal shots - especially the Eagle and kissing monkeys...and the one of the kids in front of the aquarium! Looks like a fun day was had by all! :-) said...

Wonderful memories!