Monday, April 26, 2010

Post Break Ramblings

homemade pasta
:: Rainy Sundays are perfect for extra-work dinners. Yesterday we made Coq Au Vin and I made homemade pasta for the first time ever. Kids devoured it all.
:: When I pop into blogs, it is usually for the pictures. I think today's are going to make you hungry.
:: Need to work on cleaning the studio today.
:: New jewelry designs in the works.
:: Hmmm... might order up some PMC... watch out!

coq au vin and pasta
:: Wishing my friend Holly would update her blog. Hello, Holly?
:: Think I might try to knit a bit today.
:: OH OH OH... there was secret excitement and energy in the house this weekend. Had me doing something I haven't done in 10 years! Not gonna jinx it though... there are already too many people that know what I am up to (all four of them, LOL, and no, I don't mean my family).
:: Thinking about secret thing made my stomach just do a huge nervous flip.
:: Dang it... tandem sports again tonight. One at lacrosse, one at baseball.

coq au vin and pasta 2
:: For being a deaf cat, my boy sure does have twitchy ears.
:: I freaking hate running... and a confession, I only ran one day last week. Better get back on the running train this week.
:: Speaking of confessions... last week, I got myself a Venti Caramel Frappaccino and the minute the taste hit my tongue my shoulders untensed and lowered themselves a good 3 inches.
:: Feels like life has been a blur for a few weeks... today it feels ready to slow down and settle back to normal. Thank goodness.
:: What the heck is up with all the bogus emails lately. I had 45 spam messages this morning. Seems like a lot more than normal.

Anyway... that is what is running through my head on this gray Monday morning. Feel free to share your random ramblings in the comments.


Christine said...

*I really need to find a place for jewelry-making that isn't my kitchen counter.

*Ugh, stomach virus vs. food issues for my oldest. poor kid.

*I am taking some birthday money and buying metalworking tools.

*It was supposed to thunderstorm all day today, and the sun is out....change plans!

*Coffee. Must. Have. More. Coffee.

*Hmmm....venti frappuccino sounds yummy....

Eileen said...

morning, are you going to share this awesome looking recipe?...sounds like you've got lots in the works for today...have a good one...

mairedodd said...

it is quiet here, and rainy, and QUIET...
hoping to take advantage of the time and atmosphere to create, not fold laundry - i can always do in the middle of a rock band play list...
trying to keep all of the drop off, pick up times straight!
get yourself another one of those frappucinos ~

Cindy said...

OH my goodness your pictures are literally YUMMY! That pasta looks amazing...and I was just wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Nothing will come close!
I never thougth of it that way about multiple sports engagement - tandem sports! What is it called when you have 3 lacrosse games/practices at the same time? :-)
Have a great Monday!

Libby Leuchtman said...

I need to drive to Kerrys house for dinner....

Rebecca said...

Yum! Food looks delicious! I was on the treadmill this morning...don't feel to bad about not running. It might be good for the body but surely bad for the soul!!

BahamaDawn said...

Pasta looks yummy!! always wanted to make my own pasta but havent gotten the nerve up yet!!!
will you share your secret with us one day?

Holly said...

how can i refuse a monday rambling request?

AliBaubles said...

Your dinner looks sooooo good.....I'm literally drooling looking at the pictures :)

I am addicted to Haagen-Dazs Mango sorbet, and think I need intervention, although not early, as I want to indulge my addiction a little bit more

Jewelry is out of the tumbler and ready to start packing up and shipped out to the stores, and scrap silver has now been mailed out to the refiners

Feeling a bit nauseous.....probably too much Mango Sorbet *blush*

Need to get some coffee and get on with some jobs around the house :)

Barbara Lewis said...

I had salad for dinner. You are very, very cruel! Your's looks like the perfect meal to me. OMG, I'm hungry!
1. I love beautiful gardens but don't have an inclination to garden.
2. I love to have a clean house but I hate housework.
3. I love shining days and would only want rain if we're in a dire drought.
4. I love sweets but never keep them in the house because I show no restraint. I will work on them like it's a part-time job.
5. God has given me many, many blessings of which I am undeserving ... but none of us are.

RockerJewlz said...

I go to blogs for the photos too. There is NOTHING like the soft silkiness of homemade pasta, yum yum