Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sketch Therapy

sketch therapy
Yesterday afternoon was a strange one for me. I was feeling all antsy and fidgety and really, nothing short of manic. I had had what was a rather frustrating morning on the torch. I ran into the problem I often run into where I find myself trapped in one frame of mind for so long (in this case, weeks of production mode) that once I am free to move on, I find myself stuck. It is what I like to call, Creative Constipation. The ideas are all there, but the have been packed in so tight, they can't seem to get out. LOL... horrible visual, I know. But it is so true. All the ideas want out at once and then it is insanely frustrating when nothing seems to be able to find it's way out.

I sent a text to my friend, Lindsey. She replied with pure genius. She has been taking part in the e-course Inside Out and loving the process. She sent a message back that said "Hmmm... why not some scribbling or doodling?" It was one of her favorite exercises in the course. She also suggested some journaling. The writing is where I decided to start.

I used to have journals when I was a young girl. Half of them I wrote in some weird celtic script I knew for some reason, so now I have no idea what they say, LOL. But as an adult, I find my blog is my journal. I tell this place most everything, so why would I need to journal? Oh how little did I realize how truly amazing it feels to just let the words flow. I filled two pages so fast I had no idea what I was even writing. I just let it out. Any word, any phrase, any thing I felt... I put it down on the page. So freeing... and such a release.

I sent Lindsey another message to say how good her suggestion had made me feel. She sent me back messages of smiles and suggested I add drawings to go with my words. My quiet time was quickly fleeting, so I turned to an exercise I learned in school. I set a timer (just 15mins) and sketched what was right in front of me. The end result is the drawing in the photo above... not to shabby, eh? Better than a poke in the eye! LOL... I imagine it would be better if I had more time. Makes me want to run out and get more of the style pen I used to draw it so I can sketch more of my afternoons away. It truly was sketch therapy.


TesoriTrovati said...

Incredibly intriguing Miss Kerry!
I appreciate hearing that others get stuck too. And that whole 'bound up' thing is too true. I find that happens most when my studio looks the way it does right now with not a surface free. Even my computer table is suffering from sensory overload with a blanket of sticky notes! Deep breaths. Free your mind. Trust your instincts.
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

"Creative Constipation" -- I think I have that!

Sonja said...

It made me gasp to see this as I've been using a doodle/sketch book this past week (artistic laxative?) as well! It unfurls the tangled thoughts to let your hands scrawl away. Good for you! I've been stumped as to blog fodder too, so I'll take your cue and show off my doodle book. XO

jacqueline said...

A sketch therapy sounds amazing! I love dooling and sketching lots! And making lots of list. hehe Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!