Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Slow Recovery

Dang, this past weekend took more out of me than I thought it would. Yeah, ya usually need a day or two recovery time after any show, but this time I am more whipped out than I have felt in the past. I am trying not to be too hard on myself. Most of my boxes are still in my car still and I haven't stepped a foot in my studio yet. I am okay with that though. I won't be away too much longer... I got lots of ideas stirring in this head o'mine.

bead fest teaching 2

You know, I love reading blogs where the authors go on an adventure and then share all the details. I am sorry I haven't gotten to that soon myself. And it is funny, as soon as I was in my car on Sunday, driving home, the weekend felt eons away. Now, three days out from it, it is like the whole thing was a dream and it is fading fast. So fast, it almost feels irrelevant. I can't not tell you about it though!!

bead fest teaching 4

You already got the first impressions scoop with my live from Bead Fest Wire update for Interweave on Facebook and on the blog here. Didn't I sound a little odd? LOL... yeah that is my Kerry-acting-like-a-professional-writer voice. Rather formal, but still me if you look close. The afternoon and evening that followed that report was awesome. The book signing went really well, and eventually, over the weekend, Interweave sold out of the copies of Totally Twisted that they brought with them (as did I!). I swear I signed about 200 books in those three days. People bought them there, the brought them from home, and it was awesome to be surrounded by such a buzz. It really was super surreal to walk down a hallway and hear someone say "OMG... You are Kerry Bogert, I love your book!" One vendor even had me signing one of my projects in Chain Style and had me take a photo with the book too!! Dinner with bead friends was wonderful, but unfortunately rushed. I needed to be back in time to set up for Meet The Teachers and it meant we couldn't relax and enjoy a second "Bahamarita". Maybe in August we will though!! And as Cindy W said in her recent blog post, I really wonder what people thought of me. Am I like my blog? Am I what they expect? How am I different?

bead fest teaching 6

Okay, so Friday night, I popped into my pal Cassie's classroom, and OH MY STARS, the poor dear. She had two back to back classes full to capacity, and by 8:00pm you could tell she was fried. I got to jump in and help out some newbies that hadn't made a wire wrapped loop before. Gawd I love to teach! and that totally wet my whistle for Saturday morning. My first and second classes were small, just two students each. (Which, I noticed, lots of classes were low on students at this show, except the riveting and soldering ones... hmmm... that is food for thought.) Delightful was a great class. Both my students (Bev and Jen) had some wire experience so it was easy... I just showed them how I do a step and then they took off running. We spent the rest of the time chatting the day away. It really was a hoot... Jen's favorite part?... when I would mess up. That is what she said she needed to see... how I fix mistakes! I wonder if I should teach that as a class next year? How To Fix Disasters 101: Bring Your Failed Projects & Let's Fix 'Em. Nah, I don't think that will work.

bead fest teaching 10

It was nice on Sunday because the classes had a few more students (5 & 7). Someday, I hope to get to teach to a full crowd. I noticed my classes were quiet and at times really, really subdued. In a full room, there is just so much more energy!! I love that. But with more students, comes more responsibilities, lol... and that means, giving up bathroom breaks (which happened on Sunday, lol). Inevitably, there is one student that stays late because she couldn't finish her project... and there are those students that want to be first to the next class. That means no hour break in the day like you think there is going to be. Cassie will attest to this too. Not that we are complaining mind you. I can't say it enough... I love teaching.

bead fest with students

As soon as my Bang Gals class finished on Sunday afternoon, I threw all my stuff in boxes, loaded my car, and settled in for the 5 1/2 hour drive back home. I pulled in to my drive way at 11:30pm. All was quiet, with everyone sound alseep. In the morning, I got the biggest hugs from Lauren, who, of course, missed me the most, and I, of course, missed her the most. ;)

Now life is going on... Bead Fest Wire is behind me and I start to think what next? Well, next weekend, April 24th, I am doing a book signing at the Memorial Art Gallery. I hope all you local gals will come for a visit. I doubt there are many people in Rochester that want me to sign there book, but, it will still be fun! Then, there are kits. I started editing and getting them ready to list this morning, but my internet was out most of the day. So, they will be listed tomorrow... for sure.


crymson said...

As a student I tend to enjoy the smaller sized classes. I love the one on one w/ the teach! I bet you won some fans for life teaching!

And to heck w/ disasters 101 as a should be your next book!!

Cindy said...

Kerry, what a great recap...I bet there's something really special about your very first class (like the one with Bev and Jen). The photos are great - the empty classroom and then your set up. And I love how you're flanked by the two blondes in white - great photo. Jen is SO photogenic....that is an incredible picture of her - she seems to be just beaming with pride over her new necklace. And I asked her to take it off at dinner so I could admire it too...

sundownbeaddesigns said...

I can't imagine how bushed you were...I know I was exhausted on Sunday and I was only there "shopping".

You weren't at all what I expected! Ha Ha! You're such a celebrity I didn't know what to expect. You seemed so "normal" and friendly, someone who I might hang out with if you lived closer.

Jen V. said...

haaaaaaa A "disasters" class!! You know I learned a lot more than just how to fix my boo-boos. I had tons of new opportunities to make boo-boos and that's the best part! I'm so happy that I got a chance to spend time with you and Bev in person. While I'm exhausted from the travel, too, I'm also super-inspired with some new shapes and techniques and can't wait to try some new ideas I have wandering around in my head! THANK YOU!
p.s. thanks for the cool "working girls" pic that makes me look skinny! haaaaaaaaa

Meredith said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend, and as someone who can't make it to and Bead Fest events or other classes, I can't wait to see the kits!

Stefani said...

Loved the play-by-play, Kerry! Congratulations on your book - it's doing so well. I'm very excited for your success.

If I can put in another local plug - the same weekend you're doing the book signing at the Memorial Art Gallery is a a fiber arts show, Artistry in Thread, at the nearby Rochester Museum & Science Center. The admission is just $4 and the hours are Saturday 4/24 10-4 and Sunday 4/25 11-4.