Friday, April 09, 2010

Blog Tour - Live from Bead Fest Wire!

This was just posted over on Facebook, but I wanted to come share it here too. I know not everyone loves fb, and that is okay, and it shouldn't mean you miss out!!

bead fest 1

Oh my stars, what an amazingly exciting weekend I have a head of me. Yesterday morning, I quick threw my kids on the bus and hopped into my mini van for the trek down to King Of Prussia, PA, for my first Bead Fest experience. And not just any Bead Fest show, I am here for Bead Fest WIRE! What better place is there on earth for a wire lovin' lampworker like me? I can't think of a better place.

bead fest 2
bead fest 3

So, I arrived on Thursday afternoon and met up first thing with my bead artist/instructor/friend, Cassie Donlen (who also happens to have beads in one of the project in my book, Totally Twisted!). The both of us are Bead Fest Wire newbies and have been wicked excited as we have been getting ready to take part in this big event. Off the bat, the energy in the Valley Forge Convention Center was awesome. You can feel the buzz in the air as soon as you walk in the door, and you just know cool things are happening here. I was so excited, that after helping Cassie set up her class room Thursday night when we crashed in our hotel room, I couldn't sleep a wink. Between setting up my classroom, the demo I am planning for 1pm today, my first official book signing, and Meet The Teachers too, there is a lot to be nervous and wired up about (pun intended, lol). It is stressful, but in the best kind of way. All that and it is only the first day! Tomorrow I get to teach, yoo hooo!!

bead fest instructor

One of the great things about beading events, in my opinion, is getting to finally meet in person so many of the people I have gotten to know online. Playing greeters at the door to the Bead Bazaar were two great ladies, Denise Peck (Step By Step Wire) and Leslie Rogalski (Beading Daily). How cool is that?!? Having a couple of editor-in-chiefs saying "Hey!" as you're walking into a bead show! I am really looking forward to this afternoon when I'll be grabbing an early dinner with some of the other beady blogging friends. If you decide to make the trip to any of the Bead Fest shows, bring friends, and plan friend meet ups. Having partners in beading crimes is the best, LOL... no stealing beads though.

bead fest 4

On the show floor, I was instantly blown away by all the beads sparkling and the gemstones gemming. It is so hard to know what to go for first. I gave myself a budget though, and I am sticking to it. I did get myself some pretty chain at Primitive Earth Beads, some fantastic Green Girl Studio pieces, one of MyElements fun face focals, and of course, I was drooling over all the lovely colored wire at Parawire's booth. I think it is so important to take your time, walk all the aisles, chat with the vendors, and make sure you really *love* what it is you are about to buy. It makes for the best stories and memories when making a finished piece of jewelry.

bead fest 5
bead fest 6

Thanks so much for checking out this stop on my blog tour! I am loving sharing my Totally Twisted adventures with you!! Tune in next week for a stop at And ya know, I will have lots more here next week! For now, there is bead shopping to do and friends to visit.


mairedodd said...

have a fabulous time!!

Michelle Mach said...

Looks like you're having a great time. Love the photos!

Kristen said...

Awesome Kerry!! Keep the photo's coming!! Wish I could have gone, but this is fun too! :)

Pretty Things said...

Isn't this so much fun? You're a rock star here!