Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Bang A Rang Day

bang a rang blues
bang a rang blues 3

I don't know what it is about my kids being home sick, but it really lites a fire under my butt and gets me into the studio. I think it had to do with cartoons. Cartoons drive me crazy! Naturally, the first thing a sick kido does is waddle over to the couch with a blanket in hand and flips on cartoons. It makes me want to flee the room though, lol. I can only stand watching Barbie Presents Thumbelina so many times.

My mental torture is your gain though! It really makes me productive. I spent hours yesterday going back and forth from the studio to the living room, living room to the studio working on these delightful bangles. I would make a set while downstairs, bring it up to show Lauren and check on her, have a tea party, go back downstairs to work harden them in the tumbler, come up to polish and photograph them, post them on FLICKR and Facebook for all my friends to see, then start the process all over again with another set. I was able to squeak out two sets with six bangles total though out the day. Plus I finished up a project made with crystals that was a special request from an editor.

These little diddies caused a bit of a frenzy on FB yesterday too. As soon as I posted them, I was getting comments, and private messages, and instant messages. I appreciate all the love! For those that are wondering, no, I am not taking orders on these, but you can get "dibs" on the next set. Meaning, there is a waiting list, and if you want on it, just let me know. I will let you know when there is a new set ready. The prices range from $65-$95 (for a set of three) depending on the amount of sterling, how complicated the wrapping is, and the style/number of beads. Speaking of complicated wrapping... did you see that amazing two tone wrapping?!? Yeah, I am not giving up that secret yet, so don't ask, LOL. I will tell you this little goodie... the colored copper wire I use doesn't oxidize!! So, you can do really cool layered wrapping, oxidize it, then polish the sterling, and the color will stay just as lovely as when you started.

bang rang green 4
bang rang green 2


TesoriTrovati said...

Yea, these really are awesome! I got my Parawire! Now I am all inspired to go and create. With your beads of course.
My glass piece in Bead Star with your beads didn't make it...bummer. But I did make it into three other categories! Yea, me! I will find a different home for that one because I think its a winner. ;D
Enjoy the day, Kerry!

Betsy said...

i love that blue bubble bead!!! supercute! someday i will graduate from the hot head and make cool beads like that!!

Courtney said...

Stunning! Beautiful work. I see why they caused an uproad on FB.

My Plate Is Always Full said...

Hi Kerry, I wondered if there was any chance that when you make these they can be made smaller for smaller wrists? How can I order?

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

time well spent! Here's to many more productive days!

Shaiha said...

I just love those bangles, especially the blue one! I just ordered some Parawire and your book so now I am waiting impatiently for both to arrive so I can play.