Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Sick... What a Bummer

home sick

Lauren come home early from school yesterday sick. Poor thing. So, we are lounging today, taking bubble baths, watching cartoons, and eating chicken noodle soup. At least it isn't strep throat!

eta: doc just called and it IS strep throat! dang it. that'll be two days home now.


Nonie said...

Awwww..get better quick Lauren. She looks so sweet in that picture.
Makes you just wanna squeeze her.

TesoriTrovati said...

Feel better soon, honey!
Nothing better than to lounge with your momma...

Try to ...enjoy the day!

AliBaubles said...

I hope Lauren feels better soon.....sending lots of get well vibes. My little boy had his first case of strep throat a couple of weeks ago, and completely lost his appetite. Love, love, love the bangles...they're so funky, and I like that they're something you could wear every day and feel sassy wearing them :)