Monday, May 03, 2010


lorelei visit 1
lorelei visit 2
:: Photos for today's ramblings are from Lorelei's visit this weekend. We went to Bead Breakout here in Rochester.
:: It just started to pour, good for the seeds we planted yesterday.
:: Almost outta yarn on Mom's gift! Dang it... that was four skeins and I am only 2/3 the way done.
:: Gonna make bead box beads all week... all week. A self imposed deadline is the only thing that will make me do it.
:: Y'all have waited too long for new beads!
:: And now the sun is out. Gotta love weather reports. Our lives truly revolve around the weather, IMO.
:: Can't wait for Sweet Chili Pepper Shrimp for dinner on Mother's Day!!
:: Mother's Day is my wedding anniversary too.
:: Still don't have anything to tell you about the secret thing last week.I should email peps about it.
:: Man my nose itches... but since it just poured, I could do for a run and maybe not get all congested.
:: Got more video editing to do. There will be another episode of the Lorelei & Kerry Show later in the week.
:: It is so fun to get to play with beady friends.
:: Speaking of which... Lorelei wants me to change up my color pallet of late and work with orange more. Better make a mental note of that.
:: Lacrosse and Baseball again tonight. *sigh* Kids in sports can really run you ragged.
:: Honey Nut Cheerios ROCK!

lorelei visit 3
lorelei visit 4


Cindy said...

I love the wine and beading! How fun is that?

TesoriTrovati said... was a delight watching the Lori & Kerry show.
...I want that channel added to my line-up.
...great shots of beady color.
...there is nothing better than beading with a friend. And wine. glad the dance recital weekend is over. But sad too. There are seniors that I will really miss seeing dance. But happy at what I have to look forward to in the future.
...there is not enough coffee to wake me up this morning.
...I really want to get outside and go for a really long walk. Instead I am stuck inside at this computer pretending I am busy. Ugh.
...Mother's day is next week? I have to get busy on some client orders due Wednesday!
...I can't wait to see the surprise beads that Kerry made for my gallery exhibit show this summer. I am itching to get creative with them!
Enjoy the day!

Copper Diem said...

I agree about the orange!
Honey nut cheerios do rock.

Silver Parrot said...

Look out! Crazed bead shoppers on the loose! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I'm jealous!

Cindy said...

What a fun time for the two of you! Kerry, hope you're hanging in there with your tandem sports evening...that will be me tomorrow night! :-)

Ellen said...

I would definitely watch the Lorelei and Kerry show. Very entertaining

Rebecca said...

Love the L and K show! Lookig forward to the next episode!