Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cool Things Coming from Interweave!

One of the perks about being an Interweave author is that I get to hear about all the cool things they have in the works for their readers. There is couple of really awesome new things happening that I thought y'all would like to know about.

1) Check out the new Jewelry Making Daily! Like Beading Daily, this new site is a hub for all things beads. What makes this site different is the focus it has on metal working. I am in love! I already learned something new... check out Denise Peck's fusing video. I always wondered about how to do that exactly. So much information in one place, and it is free... oh freakin' stinkin' cool is that?

2) The main Interweave website has a totally new look. Check it out. One of the things I love about this new site is that you can view catalogs of future releases from Interweave. I flipped through the Fall 2010 catalog and I am excited about a few of the books I saw!! If I ever get my act together and pitch my 2nd book, you might find me in one of those catalogs, ha.

3) There is a new BEAD FEST!!! Interweave just added Arlington, Texas to the stops on their Bead Fest circuit. It will be October 1-3, 2010. Now, granted, I am not teaching at it, but it is a fabulous neck of the woods. This is a great opportunity for those that can't make it up north here to take classes and shop for beads. And who knows? Maybe I will teach there eventually. (Little known Kerry fact: I live in Hockley, TX for 4 years when I was a little girl. Even went to kindergarten there.)

4) Hot dang the extended the Bead Star deadline to May 10th!! You still have time to enter!! I won Honorable Mention in the Glass Category last year when I sent in a last minute project on a whim... you could totally do it.


Anonymous said...

Just thought it funny that you lived in Hockley. I live in Lubbock so not too far from there. I always thought you've lived in New York your whole life! Kim ( Texas)

jeanette said...

Gosh darn, I want them to hold a Bead Fest in the Baltimore/Washington DC area...hmmm..maybe someday.