Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Recollections

Today I...

puppies 24

:: had to give my hubby a ride to work because his muffler fell off his truck. Nice.
:: made beads with a new zoozii's tool. I love it.
:: nuzzled puppies that are growing like crazy! Clark has run away with my heart.
:: had veggie lasagna for lunch.
:: washed some laundry too.

puppies 19

:: was very very grumpy, but tried to turn it around.
:: cursed at the cottonwood trees. The fuzzies are out of control!
:: watched Andrew hit awesome at baseball.
:: had a backyard full of wildlife. Headless squirrel corpses, two circling vultures, baby fox (one the vultures got, one lonely for it's sibling), a Momma fox, and a sunbathing snake.
:: am not kidding you.

puppies 13

:: tried to figure out what the finale of LOST was all about. When did they die?
:: cooked a pork roast on the grill.
:: received lots of goodies in the mail!!! YOO HOOO!! Did you see what I won on Lorelei's blog last week?
:: didn't get to see my hubby much :( but he is waiting for me now so I better run.
:: was thankful for a good day.

PS... lots more puppy photos in my photostream on Flickr!!


Christine said...

OH! The puppies!
*dies of teh cute*

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry!
What a day. Your puppy pictures are just SO cute. Should be on a calendar or something. :-) Your fox and vulture story is just horrible and I think I would be traumatized. I'll try and give you a call!

Kerri said...

those puppies are ridiculously cute! i think you probably don't stay grumpy for long with them around :)

jhayssen said...

So when does Clark get to come home with you???

Kerry said...

LOL, Clark, I am sure, will find a very loving family. At $2600 each, I can't afford one!! Plus, my hubby really really doesn't want a dog. So, we love our cat Rusty a lot.

Jennifer D said...

The island and everything that happened on it was real. Everyone who died there, died there. The six that got off the island at the end, died back home in their own time. Hugo and Ben died however long after they served their time as protectors of the island and Jack died in the bamboo forest as you saw. The sideways universe was something that all those in the church created to stay together until they ALL passed away and were ready to leave. Jack was the very last one. It was kinda sweet really...