Friday, May 14, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Which do you want to hear first? The good or the bad? Not that you are actually going to answer me, but I thought I should at least ask. I think I will hit you with the bad news first...
bang-a-rangs 1
bang-a-rangs 2
Bad News: Bead Box beads just aren't happening this week. I had really hoped I could cast a magical spell and the beads would make themselves, photograph each other, and write up lovely descriptions about how you would love them, but *sigh* I lost my magic wand. I kinda had an inkling on Tuesday and Wednesday that I wasn't going to pull it off, but I was trying to be hopeful. Now, with all the secret happenings (eeekkk!!) I know that it won't happen this weekend either, but hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the end of next week. Y'all know I love ya, and want you to have pretty beads to play with, thank you for being patient with me.

bang-a-rangs 3
bang-a-rangs 5
Good news: I had about an hour yesterday between appointments I was able to sneak into the studio to whip up these bangles. I have had bangles on the brain lately. I love them! Besides my secret happenings, I am also working on a collection of designs to pitch my second book. Bangles are going to be a big part of the pitch, me thinks. Back to these ones though, I should share the inspiration that sent me into the studio yesterday. I ordered myself a set of bangles from Etsy seller: Bullfinch & Barbury. I love the rustic charm these have and, needless to say, the colors. It got me thinking, how would *I* do a continuous, slip-over-your-wrist bangle were I to give it a go? Why, I would use colored wire and glass, naturally. I wore these all afternoon, running around to appointments for the kids. They were a huge hit. They feel great on your wrist, they have just the right play-ability factor, they are colorful, and they turned out totally me. Oh, and see, I told ya that ledger would make a fantastic photo prop!


Eileen said...

hey love love the bangles...they are totally KERRY...already anxious to see new book ideas...


Lorelei said...

yea ummm, you can make me a set of those if you want. cuz they are TOTALLY COOL!!! ohhhh you hit the nail on the head with that one. seriously!

TesoriTrovati said...

Yum. I love these more than any other bracelet. I am not a bracelet wearer often but I could see these being like worry beads that you would play with to calm yourself down when you have big news that you want to spill but can't until it is really real and official and everything!


Enjoy the day!

Cindy said...

The bangles are, color, and all. And yes, that ledger makes an excellent prop. But your photography itself..WOW! Especially that last photo - absolutely stunning!

Karen Beth said...

I love these bangles!!! I could seriously see myself playing with these all day! Love them!


Alice said...

I love the colorful bangles, and can see how they could be a great seller!

Another book? Yesssss!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

beautiful work-I LOVE playing with color as well. Looking forward to being a part of the Flying Lessons e-course with you. -Robin