Monday, November 19, 2007

21 Discs

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this post was about 21 new lampwork discs I made? Unfortuantely, NOT!! What it refers to is the 21 discs it took to back up my files, lol. I spent all day Sunday doing it. There is nothing like spending hours hunting down documents in an operating system's safe mode. LOL. But it is done, the images and documents are safe, and I am happily relieved. My laptop is close to being back to normal. I still need to reload Photoshop (sorry, I know the images today are HUGE! but I couldn't edit them) and some other programs... but I am getting there.

Photos today are from this Saturday's Trunk Show at Joolz. It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. It was my first time demo-ing beadmaking in public. I really thought fire would draw a crowd, and at times it did... but I have to scold you locals!! WHERE WERE MY PEPS? I missed my regulars!! But you'll have another chance... Francie and I are planning on doing this again in the spring. Next time I think I'll do a more traditional mass mailing of postcards :) email didn't grab enough attention!

While making beads at the shop, I was sitting in front of a gorgeous display case. There was this mesh/wire/hollow silver beaded necklace that was right there in my face the entire time. It was really beautiful. It made me want to make some hollows. I have tried numerous times to 'do' hollows, but with only limited success. I have 2-3 out of a dozen that actually worked. But yesterday, I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. Made 3, easily, I dare say... perfectly. I think it was because I was on my trusty old HotHead torch!! I love that old guy. I think he will have to be mounted on my desk for 'special' projects. I have an idea brewing for a new hollow necklace. I'll be sure to share how it goes!!

So, this is the big week... kick off to the holidays! I'll be hosting Thanksgiving this year with Ron's and my families. YIKES!! Then Saturday is my cousin's wedding!! It is going to be a busy week.


MIchele said...

Hey Kerry

Don't feel too bad about us locals not showing up. I would have liked to have come but it wasn't going to work because 1) I live on the westside of town and Canandaigua is just too far to go for a couple of hours and 2) this weekend was jammed pack with things I could have done. It seemed like there were lots of things going on around town on the weekend before Thanksgiving, so I had to pick and choose.

Your setup looks nice (I love the black and white table coverings). Looking forward to what you are going to

Anne said...

Bummer. I sent out a mass mailing for my trunk show on Saturday and it was quiet, too. You gotta try everything once, though! Maybe in the spring you can work outside on the Joolz sidewalk.

Kerry said...

I hear ya Michele... the RMSC Holiday Bazaar was this weekend and so was Deck The Halls at Seneca Lake. And yep, Canandaigua is a drive for just a couple hours. (especially with gas prices today)

It wasn't a bummer of a bust though. A good # of people did come through and I think it went great!

Anne, I think out on the sidewalk would be a lot of fun!!