Friday, November 02, 2007

Proud Friend

I am a very proud and excited friend today!! My girly friend, Lindsey, just debuted her new Etsy Shop yesterday. It is called A Crunchy Life. She has been working so hard to find her own unique creative voice and made some really unique things.

I wanna buy up all the things in her shop. I have seen many of these things in person and I tell you... the photos don't do them justice. First on my list of must haves is this table setting, Mod Flower Patchwork!! Aren't those colors killer!!

Second on the must have list is the Striped Market Tote... I wouldn't end up using it as a market tote (though I know I should). I would use it to tote books to the library with the kids or for picnics at the lake. The stripes are just too yummy and so totally me.

Oh and people... that embroidery on the Mod Leaves table setting... yeah... she did that by hand!! It is so detailed and again... killer colors!! Yummy chocolate brown and teally blue... heaven.

Lindsey puts so much love, time, thought and effort into what she makes. I am so proud of her!! I want you all to head over to her shop... heart it... and then buy up all her goodies (OMG, her prices are too low)... hey don't forget, Christmas will be here before you know it.

Speaking of Christmas... I have to let you in on a personal pet peeve... stores and holidays. You can't enjoy the holiday you are in when they are promoting the next holiday months in advance. Come on now... Target had Christmas stuff out 2 weeks ago here. It takes so much away from the specialness of it when it drags and hangs for months at a time. I am thinking that is why I never feel the holiday spirit anymore... why would I when it is pushed at me in October!! I am going to end up boycotting local shops until December just for that reason. I am only going to the super market for groceries... I don't want to here a single note of Deck The Halls until December 1st and that is final. And hey, you know what else... I think I will do my Christmas shopping online at outlets like Etsy! Why buy what everyone else is buying, that will only end up in the garbage two weeks after Christmas, when I can get truly unique handmade gifts?

Okay one confession though... I did buy some of the International Delights Holiday creamer... but how can I resist? Chocolate Mint Truffle is my favorite coffee creamer!!

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Cindy said...

Hey Kerry,
Lindsey's new Etsy shop is going to be great! She has some beautiful things there for her grand opening. And my vote for the new holiday creamers? The last week or so I've been enjoying Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia! :-)