Thursday, November 15, 2007

Total System Failure

I was sitting at my computer early this morning. As I do every morning. I was opening an email as my coffee perked, when all of a sudden my computer screen went blank. I heard the hard drive (or whatever it is) spin as it does when it restarts. I didn't think much of it. It has spontaneously restarted in the past. You know, those crazy system updates that restart the computer on you. So annoying.

I stood up and went about my morning... getting the kids ready, pouring that coffee, waking up Ron. I thought "the computer will restart and be ready in a few minutes, I 'll come back to it". When I did go back, I discovered that it hadn't restarted after all. It was sitting at a black screen that said something to the effect that Window system configuration was corrupt or non existent. You choose.

I ran to Ron in the shower... "honey, there is something wrong with the computer..." I ended up spending literally hours today trying desperately to first get the computer to just boot up to the windows screen and second saving whatever I could data wise. So no nice pretty pictures to look at today. They are trapped on the fried computer, and I am stuck on the kids computer for a few days until we get things sorted out.

Some days I wish I wasn't so dependant on cyber space.

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Anne said...

Ugh! I hate how a crash like that makes me feel so helpless and dependent. Backing up my files TODAY!