Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey... did you notice I added another publication to the big list on the right? A few months ago I sent an email to Beadwork magazine with an offer to donate my beads to "The Challenge". The Challenge is a feature that appears in every issue. Artists send in three matching sets of beads, then 3 different designers come up with projects for those beads. It is always interesting to see how each designer tackles the projects.

I heard back pretty quickly from one of the editors at the magazine. They would love to use my beads for The Challenge, but the wait list is up to Summer 2009. I said OKAY! Put me on the list. A few days later the editor contacted me again. She said that she had shown my work to an editor at Stringing magazine. They loved my beads and asked if I would send in THESE beads for their "Beads To Buy" department. They said the beads looked very "outer worldly" and that they would fit their "Celestial" theme perfectly.

Naturally, I couldn't refuse! I was honored!! But, the beads they wanted had sold months earlier. I set to making a new set, just for them, with it's own color scheme. I took out the coral orange of the original set and replaced it with lime green. Fun huh? You'll have to excuse the poor image quality of the photo above, I know it is tiny. It is from the Stringing website. It is an excerpt from the page of beads to buy. Look close and you can see my beads right there in the bottom middle.

I always find it amusing when I read the changes that the editors make to my submissions. "Frozen Branches" was changed to "Dancing Arces"... "Hip To Be Square" was changed to "Connecting The Dots". And now my "Orbiters" were said to be inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Nights". I guess I can see where they got that idea, lol.

Now, I bet you are wondering what will happen to these beads next. The editors are actually using them at the magazine for a project in an up coming issue of something. I don't have any of the details yet, but once I have them, I'll let you know!

In other beady news... I plan to get to the torch and start work on new Bead Box Beads today. I have no idea what I will work on... if you have suggestions for what you would like to see, PLEASE, leave a comment. I recently bought some of Double Helix's new glass Terranova... maybe I will play with that!!


Michele said...

I love the colors in the new beads.

I guess the magazines must feel they have to add some value to the process by renaming your terms. I personally liked your choices better. I think you have a real knack for naming your beads and designs.

Kerry said...

Thanks Michele, I like my names better too! LOL and I do really put effort into the names I choose.

What shocked me most about the change with this submission is that they wrote "Let the heavens be your muse!...which light up a selection ofThe Starry Night-inspired lampwork tab beads." The painting never entered my mind when making those beads and implying the beads are a direct result of it is very misleading. But I guess it is their right to write what they want.

Lori said...

WTG Kerry!
Yes you names are better, but as long as they keep putting you in magazines that is the important part