Friday, November 09, 2007

Big Man Turns 10

Tomorrow is my Jacob's 10th birthday. I hear people say all the time how fast time flies when it comes to kids. There are many, many days where I feel like time is standing still. Then there are days like today when you look back on their life as a whole and it feels like it has been an instant. Jacob is a strongly independent kid. He has his own thoughts and ideas, ways of doing things. He is brighter then any light bulb I have ever seen. He can be so kind and loving (and now a days, really mouthy too).

I was going though his tote bag this morning and came across a writing assignment he finished this week. Jacob has one of the most vivid imaginations (something I am proud of instilling in him!). I thought as an Ode-To-Jacob's-Birthday, I would share his story with you, in his own words, just as it was written. It was a personal narrative.

Door Story
By Jacob Bogert

There I was, standing with one hand on the doorknob. In front of the old abandoned house across the street. I slowly turned the door handle, not knowing what on the other side. 1-2-3 push! I burst into the house and began to look around. There were 36 doors in perfect rows. All of which were different! I looked up and read a sign that said: DOORS OF DUBLIN.

I walked up to a black door on the bottom row and slowly opened it. Inside I saw a huge black mountain!(At least I thought it was.) I walked up to it curiously and felt its surface. It felt smooth and warm. Then I looked to my left and saw a great big yellow ugly black eye. This wasn't a mountain, it was some kind of creature!

I was about to scream when out of the creature's mouth flew hundreds of thousands of books! I picked one up and read the cover: THE MYSTERIOUS MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF DRAGONS. I looked at some other covers too like, MERMAIDS AND MERMEN.

I gathered them all up and took them to my cabin. I learned many things and if it were for them I never would have become the greatest wizard of all time.......... Merlin.

P.S. The creature I thought was a mountain was instead the powerful and mighty dragon that lived for all time in the Doors of Dublin's great halls. I never found out what was behind the other doors. But in a book I found out that inside were other creatures that left behind WIZARDOLOGY or PIRATOLOGY and EGYPTIONOLOGY, and found their way to here in the year 2007.

Cool huh? I told you he had a vivid imagination!



cindy said...

That is such a cute picture of Jacob! What a great story too...a chip off the old block with his creativity. I hope he has a terrific day tomorrow.
~ Cindy

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Boys are the best. I love my little guy. Happy B'day to yours!