Monday, November 26, 2007

Playing Elf

I know I ranted a few weeks ago about department/discount stores shoving holidays down your throat months before the actual day. And I know I said that I didn't want to hear a note of Christmas music until Dec 1st. BUT, I seem to have been hit on the head with a shooting star or something and doused in Christmas spirit.

We had a slightly troubling weekend with some petty family drama about the coming holiday. I was really bothered by it and decided that I needed to remind myself what is most important to me about this time of year. For me, it's the magic I see in my kids. I love their awe at something sparkling and the twinkle of excitement they get. Seeing them wonder at the magic of it all makes me feel so good.

Last year, I threw out the Christmas lights we usually hang outside. (Sorry Lindsey, I won't do it again!) Most all the bulbs were blown and 90% of the strands didn't light up. So, at dinner, we put things to a vote... should we get white, bright or blue lights for the house this year? It was 4 to 1 for brights. Poor Jacob was the odd man out having wished for blue lights. I decided to surprise him with his very own blue Christmas.

Lauren and I went to the store this morning and bought a mini (fake) Christmas tree ($5), a single strand of blue lights ($2) and a box of mini blue bulbs ($2). We also bought the lights for outside while we were there too. While Lauren was at preschool and the boys at school, I put on some elf ears and set to work. I decked the tree out in blue and set it up on Jacob's dresser in a spot where Andrew gets to see it from his bed too (they share a room). I had an old one that I set up in Lauren's room for her too. I hung the Christmas wreathe (photo above) on our front door and put the lights up on the house too!!

The whole day made me want to hum Christmas carols and drink peppermint mocha coffee. I feel so warm and cozy. And it has helped ease me tension over the trials of this weekend. I hope I can make this last until the 25th!

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WillowLuna said...

I'm listening to holiday music right now! The kids must have loved everything. I'm glad you were able to refocus yourself instead of getting lost in the stress. We must get together soon!