Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zoning Out

Ever have a day go by and wonder where it went? I woke this morning with every intention of getting loads done today. Suddenly it is dark out and the day is gone.

Hmmm, lemme see if I can figure out where it went...

The boys surprised me by reminding me that they had a half day of school. It is parent teacher conference time again. Our conference isn't until next week so that is the excuse I'll use for not remembering today was a day off, lol.

Lauren and I tidied up, folding laundry and making beds. We did some sweeping and dishwashing too. By the time we got through that, the boys were back home. Right about the time they were walking in the door, I had started cleaning the studio. I can't even tell you what kind of disaster was down there. And I realized I had been avoiding it, so the least I could do was have it clean down there while I avoid it. LOL.

I threw everyone in the car for some grocery shopping. You can imagine what a joy that was with 3 kids, but is was actually not too bad. Ron is going to a poker game tonight so I let everyone pick out personal pizzas for dinner. I'll be getting those started when I am done blogging. Other things we picked up bread, cereal, snacks... oh! and cream soda!! It was on sale, I love it!!

Okay now my guilty pleasure of the day... something I haven't done in ages... after groceries were away, I let the boys get out the Playstation 2 while Lauren and I snuggled to watch The Little Mermaid on my bed. And... I fell asleep. LOL... yep, I took a good old fashion nap. Can you believe it? Anyone else get a nap anymore? Two hours later I could barely pull myself out of bed... curse that down comforter. I know I am going be up all night, lol. Good thing the studio is clean, I can go play!!

So that's it... my day.

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WillowLuna said...

I'm sorry I missed your call! I was out with my aunt for a good chunk of the day. Speaking of The Little Mermaid, L4 just watched it this week for the first time and loved it. :)