Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dats what I'm talkin' 'bout

I love getting email suggestions!! Thanks to the fabulous Deedee, I was able to Kabersize yesterday's dud bangles. Deedee said to me "why not try wrapping some colored wire around the core in fun unexpected Kerry combinations". I didn't get to do the "unexpected Kerry combinations", I was working with what was in front of me at the time... but I think I am in love with these now. I am calling them "Fangle Bangles", you know, cause they are I like that saying "new fangled thing".

I am going to have to issue a warning with the sale of any of these... Do Not Wear While Operating Heavy Machinery. LOL!! They are just too fun, and you aren't going to be able to avoid spinning them around your wrist or jingling the rings. The rings turned out to be the perfect size to float all the way around the bangle and over the beads, but not so big that they get in the way. My stars do I love when you can play with your jewelry.

You'll see, unlike my BANG Gals!, these don't have a clasp. You have to squeeze them over your hand. That may come back to bite me, making for loads of extra work when it comes to sizing, but oh well... it takes pain to be beautiful, right?

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Michele said...

I really like how these turned out. I thought the original version was a little too boring. You definitely "Kabified" them.