Monday, November 05, 2007

Here Comes The Bride

Da Dah Da Dum... well, what do you think?!? This is the final piece for my cousin Audrey's wedding. This is going to sound arrogant and like I am very full of myself... but I am going to say it anyway... this necklace is just plain spectacular and it is probably one of the best pieces (and most involved designs) I have ever made.

I started it last week. I made a handful of white and ivory beads... each one was different. There were spots, stripes, encasing, swirls, plaids... you name it, I had one. Once I cleaned them and had them all in my hands, I didn't like how they looked together. So, on Friday, I decided to do dots... just dots... lots of dots... and out came the 11 beads you see in the final piece. No two are the same. Now wait, there is one beads that there is two of... white encased with clear dots, but that is it... all the others are all different.

At the same torch time, I made these simple bubbly focals for the bridesmaids. I had a few emails requesting I share the final pendant design, after seeing the ones the bride passed on last week. Thankfully, these passed the bride's test!

Friday night, as soon as it was safe to open the kiln, I had the beads out and cleaned, ready to wire up. I didn't really have a plan when I started. I really kinda winged it. The necklace is basically a large bangle. It has a 16g ss "core". I wrapped 3 inches on each side, "locking" the lampwork in the center and then I set to wiring and wrapping, mixing in pearls and crystals. I would wrap an inch or two on one side then do the same on the other, slowly coming together in the center. It becomes denser as it moves forward (meaning between the 1st two beads is 3 "twigs", between the 2nd two is 4... in the center there are 10 "twigs"). I hope that keeps it heavy enough to stay centered and not spin when it is worn.

It took about 3 1/2 hours to finish the necklace. Total, there are 5 different gauges of wire, 11 glass beads and 58 swarovski glass pearls and crystals. I gave it to the bride at her shower on Saturday and she is thrilled with it!! I was so nervous. I wasn't at all sure she would like it, lol. One of the reasons I really shy away from custom orders is that what is in my head often isn't in the client's head. I would have hated to have to redo this!! But thankfully, I won't be redoing it.

I would love to hear what you think!! Leave me a comment!!


Lisa said...

Wow! Talk about breathtaking...that is truly beautiful. It's early so I'm out of good adjectives.

Tammy said...

You have every right to brag because that necklace is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Oh so elegant with that edge to it! What a very lucky bride and bridal party to be able to frost themselves with your creations!


Kerry said...

Thanks girls!!

I was kinda sad to let it go. Not that I have any good reason to keep it, I wouldn't ever wear it. I just wanted to hold it longer, lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kerry!!!
That necklace is stunning!!! I love the bridesmaids necklaces too----they are so cool and I love the colors. What a lucky bride!!! Kim

Anonymous said...

Truly a fairytale creation - it's stunning!


Michele said...

Stunning was the word I was going to use too. It sounds unanimous. I'm jealous of the bride. I also like the pendants you made for the bridesmaids.