Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Double Bind ~ A Book Review

First of all... thank you all so much for your comments and emails of support! You all ROCK and I love you!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that I can come here, vent/ramble/pout, and know that I have friends to give me the support I need. So, thank you!

Now, I know you are wondering when the hell I am gonna have beads on this blog again!! They are a coming... you'll just have to be patient, lol. I made beads yesterday... yummy beads... cool beads... so-delicious-you-are-gonna-want-to-eat-them beads! They are soaking in a tea cup full of water as we speak. I need to get them cleaned and inspected, then I'll make more to go with them, then I'll decide if they are jewelry beads or Bead Box beads (or both), and then I will make more, and then I will offer 'em up. But just to give you a little clue as to what they are... any of you peps remember what happens when you mix ivory and transparent teal?

Anyway... time has come to a crawl. It is all the anxiety and anticipation leading to tomorrow (the closing on the new house) that is doing it. Yesterday was incredibly tedious. Not only did I make beads, but I took Lauren to pre-op appointment, mowed the lawn, washed 3 loads of laundry, other wise cleaned the house, made dinner and read the first 207 pages of my latest book club book. In recent months I have been a bad book club member. I go to our get togethers, but have been boycotting the books. I didn't want to read Sharp Objects or the one before that (can't even remember what it was). But, I was happy when we voted that we picked the book we did, so this time I am reading it.

Having the book to read has been a HUGE escape for me mentally. It is an intriguing story and I am really really enjoying it. The book is The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian. Last year we read Midwives by this other author and I really didn't care for it. I didn't like the writing style or how a man was attempting to capture the essence of childbirth (no man will ever have a clue about THAT). I am having the total opposite experience with this book. I love the writing, I love the characters, I love the plot. It is a don't-want-to-put-it-down kind of book.

I haven't finished it yet, so this "review" is a little premature. But I will be sure to let you know if I am happy with it all the way through to the end. So far... you gotta read it!!


Michele H said...

No offense Kerry, but I loved Midwives. I thought it was great. I guess I never realized that "Chris" was a man. I must have missed that somewhere. Anyway, based on your comments I've added The Double Bind to my "Books to read" list. Let us know when you're done if you still like it as much.

Kerry said...

No offense taken Michele!! I love it when one person loves a book and another hates it. It makes for the best book talks. Especially over wine :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I have to find that book. Right now I'm taking a mental break and reading the Septimus Heap books.