Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pop Beads

I think I may have found the best "Future Beader" present EVER!! Lauren had her PreSchool Graduation last night and is having her tonsils out today. I was feeling sorry for the poor little thing so I picked her up a congratulations-on-preschool-graduation/please-be-a-brave-girl-for-surgery gift.

POP BEADS!! (at Target)

She spent hours making herself jewelry Monday afternoon and kept saying "I am a beader, I am a beader!" How cute is that? Now lets hope the surgery part goes well.


Lori G said...

You so KNOW I'm getting some of these! Pop Beads sure have come a long way!

Good luck on the surgery! I think we'll be heading that way sometime soon too with the four-year-old-with-constant-strep. I know Lauren will be just fine!

p.s. love the last necklace you showed!!!

deehebard said...

Lauren...hope all goes well and can't wait to see what you make with your beautiful beads!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she is a beader - nice color combinations. She must get it from her mom. :)

Hope the surgery went well and she has a quiet night.


Libby said...

Pop beads! I loved mine back in the 50's - course, I don't think lime green even existed then! :)
Hope your adorable little girl is all better real soon.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh my lord. I've been eyeing those very beads at Target foreeeever. MUST get them.