Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Recovery

Thank you so much for all the well wishes that everyone has been sending Lauren. I have passed them along to her. Though in her condition, I don't think she knows what I am talking about! Yesterday was really rough. Turns out Lauren has my "anesthesia makes me puke" gene. The surgery itself was fine, but recovery was (and is) rough. Rather then the usual 2 hours, we were there for 5 hours. The nurses told me to let her sleep it off, and I have been, but then around 2:30 this morning she was wide awake for some reason, lol. All in all, she is sore, but doing great. Momma is gonna need a nap though!! I haven't done a wake-up-every-3-hours night in a long time.

Okay... jewelry talk... Monday afternoon, while Lauren was playing with those Pop Beads, I got in a couple hours of torch time. I knew I would pretty much be out of commission all day yesterday. So, I figured I could make the beads Monday and make the jewelry Tuesday. Here is one of the new pieces that was made. I think I am gonna call it "Tag, You're IT". The other new piece you'll have to wait to see tomorrow.

How am I getting all this stuff made? Where are all these ideas coming from? Well, I told you Monday where that idea came from, but a lot of the others are coming from something I like to do when I feel totally outta ideas. I got to my FLICKR account (or photo folders) and just start clicking through. I see an old piece and ideas pop into me head about how I could freshen up the design. "Tag, You're IT" came from the March 2007 design "Rolling". I have a list of about 12 new pieces that I am excited to work on over the next few weeks. Remember, not only am I getting ready for Art Walk at JOOLZ on Friday, but The Corn Hill Arts Festival is right around the corner too!!

Sometimes though, when I get a bunch of ideas in one sitting, some don't turn out and I end up saying to myself "what was I thinking?" That is where you all come in... be sure to give me feedback on what you think of the new stuff!!


Lori said...

I am glad Lauren is recovery well.
I really love the colors in this necklace!

Leslie said...

LOVE this one! You need to post a picture of you wearing it! It looks like so much fun! As a mommy and a nurse I am super happy that your baby girl is doing well....yeah! Good luck on your new "shows" coming up....this one will be a hit! Take care of you and your girl!

Leslie G.

Michele H said...


I love the colors and I like the "spotted" beads. They are way cool. This necklace is a winner for sure.

I like it when you include a picture of yourself wearing things so we can see how they lay and how far down they hang. I'd be curious to you wearing this one.


Kerry said...

Thanks Ladies!

As requested... I posted a "wearing it" photo!!