Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Like Trying To Eat An Elephant

My father in law, Butch (Ron's step dad), was over at the new house yesterday giving it a once over with his master electrician eye. Weeks ago we waived our engineer's inspection when we went non-contingent so this was our opportunity to get a better idea of just how "sound" the structure of our 1946 house is. Thankfully, the house won't be falling down anytime soon. Though it does have some "need to get to in the future" projects that will need handling. (ex: new electric... imagine that, our electrician thinks we need electric... some how I saw that coming.) But for the most part, everything needing doing is minor and cosmetic.

In our chat about projects, Butch said something that stuck with me. He said "this house is going to be like eating an elephant... have you heard that before?" I said I hadn't and he explained. "Say some one tells you 'ya gotta eat an elephant' you'll look at it all at once and think it is impossible, can't be done, no way, too hard... but if you take it one bite at a time, you'll get through it". I really liked that and I am keeping that in the fore front of my mind.

I think it is kind of needless to say that I am really really stressed out right now. My OCD inclined alter ego has definitely taken over this week and is making sure everything that needs getting done is getting done. I feel hyper focus and if I deviate even for a few minutes from what I have planned in my head to do... I lose track and feel overwhelmed. I have been stopping myself and saying "a bite at a time". The new living room is about 400 sq feet... it is a big room... and I thought painting it would be a breeze. That was until about 5 minutes into it. The walls are long and I felt like I was working on one wall endlessly. So I started to say "just get to the window... okay done... get to the corner... okay done". It took two days but it is done. (Thanks to help from my Dad! He did the spackle work on one wall that was badly damaged.)

People have sent me emails and friends have called saying "I don't know how you aren't completely freaking out!". I think it is because I am keeping really busy and just don't have time to freak out. And the meticulous planning in my head helps too. I just keep going until it is time for bed, then I crash. I even found a few minutes to string a pair of necklaces up. Below is "Beach Bum Blues". Creating defintely helps keeping me sane... making jewelry... and even little things like figuring out how to get a picture of me painting while I am the only one in the house.

I love this necklace. The colors are wonderful, year round, colors. And I really like the pool of sea mossy green blue that transparent aqua makes when it sits in ivory. Deeeeelish! OH... and those new wire coil cones for end caps... too cool. But the secret to making those I am saving for my book :) (yeah, I am still working on that!!)

Oh crap... I deviated!! What was I saying? What was I doing? Grrr... I better get back to work!!


deehebard said...

Kerry...it sounds like you are a woman with a mission. You are just the person for the task! Just know that all of us who check your blog daily are rooting for you and hoping all your dreams will come true!
(...now can we have the instructions for those cone endings on that new necklace?....tee hee...just kidding!)
Looking forward to more updates...The house looks great in the painting picture, can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!! Look at that amazing paint job. I'm so impressed and I love that shade. So I take it you used the self timer...great photo going solo. I LOVE the new necklace. So many unique aspects to it. Allin a day's work for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh man Kerry!
that necklace is great, I especially love those cones---I've been trying in my head to figure out a way to make some!!! Now i'll just have to wait until the book comes out! Awesome colors....
Oh yeah, you will get the house done!!!
Kim (Texas)

Kerry said...

Thanks gals!

I should have told y'all, the photo was taken on the floor of my dining room in the "old part" of the house. The bright light at the end of the hall behind me is the large living room addition. I am painting the area between the two doors that will bethe boys' rooms.

It is impossible to see but the color I painted it "Pewter Tray". It is my most favorite color ever!! It's by Behr... go look it up!!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

First -- love the necklace!

Second -- elephants CAN be eaten!

When we almost bought a 120 year old Victorian, we heard the saying, "You don't own an old house, it owns you" -- I'm glad you just have an elephant!

(BTW, majorly jealous, my first house was built in 1940, ADORED it)